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Sales Team Leader at Koru Kids

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  • London
  • fulltime
  • ₤23750 - ₤28000 per year
  • -
  • Childcare is a major pain. Every parent knows it. That’s why Koru Kids is building the world’s best childcare service, starting here in the UK.  This is a rare opportunity to join an inspiring tech scaleup at a pivotal moment of growth as the Sales Team Leader for our nanny business.


    It’s worth knowing that we never use the word ‘sales’ at Koru Kids, instead we use the word ‘matching’ as we aim to match great nannies and families together to form long-lasting relationships. For simplicity, we’ll use the word ‘sales’ in the rest of this job description as that term is more recognisable in the wider market.


    Why this role is important to Koru Kids


    Reporting to the General Manager of the Nanny business, your mission will be to build out a high-performing sales team that drives revenue across the UK.


    You’ll be responsible for leading the Nanny Sales Team, whose purpose is to support families and nannies to make informed, timely decisions about working together. We care about making high quality matches that last. The nature of ‘sales’ at Koru Kids is inbound consultative sales, where the focus is on the longer-term customer experience, conversions, and capacity management.


    You’ll manage the team’s workload for the day, prioritising and delegating to make sure we’re available for our customers when they need us. You’ll think ahead to ensure we have enough capacity in the team, and you’ll play a key role in team recruitment.


    You’ll support the onboarding and training of new team members, as well as actively coaching our more experienced team members through pairing and call listening. You’ll know our business inside out, and will be the go to person for any query no matter how complex. You’ll be committed to improving team performance and morale, implementing strategies to keep your team members motivated and growing.


    You’ll be constantly looking for ways to improve our processes, and will coach your team to drive these changes themselves. You'll also work closely with our wider Operations, Marketing, Product and Engineering teams. You’ll spot ways to improve our product, to ensure a seamless experience throughout the customer journey.


    What we’re looking for


    This is the perfect role for someone who has previous management experience in inbound sales where the focus has been on nurturing customers to make informed decisions on high consideration products. 


    This is not a high-pressure, boiler-room sales operation - so if that is your background and where you do your best work, then you will unfortunately not thrive within this role.


    Transparency is one of our core values. So in the interests of transparency: here’s the scorecard against which we will be assessing candidates for this role.


    We’re looking for someone who has experience:

    • Hitting team sales targets as a manager, not just individual contributor
    • Onboarding new team members
    • Coaching and training junior team members
    • Developing motivated, high-performing teams
    • Working in B2C sales or B2B inside sales experience (not field or enterprise sales)


    Some other things that would be great for you to have experience of, but aren’t essential:

    • Hiring new team members
    • Running data-driven experiments
    • Using data to advocate for change and being the voice of the customer


    For this role we’re looking for the following behaviours:

    • You’ll be warm and empathetic. The truth is that childcare (and life) can be stressful! You listen carefully to your team and customers, you’ll ask open questions, and tailor your approach depending on the situation.
    • You'll love communicating with people. You’ll enjoy speaking to customers on the phone, chatting with your team on Zoom and you’ll get great satisfaction from writing an amazing email.
    • You’re humble. You’ll gladly dole out credit to your team, and own up and take responsibility for when things don’t quite work out. 
    • You thrive on learning. You actively seek out feedback and are constantly looking for ways to learn and improve your craft.
    • You set high standards for your team, and you act as the role model. You challenge your team to always be better, but you also muck in when needed to achieve your goals.
    • You like to move fast. Your bias is to try out new ideas as quickly and scrappily as possible, while retaining laser focus on what we’re trying to learn.
    • You’re comfortable with numbers. While you don’t need to be an Excel-wizz (we can teach you that), you need to be confident working with numbers and charts.


    A Typical Day


    9am - You grab a cup of coffee and join the company-wide (video) standup to hear what’s been going on across the business. You then jump on another quick zoom with the Nanny Sales team to get them motivated for the day, ensure everyone’s clear on this morning’s tasks, and go over any key updates they need to know to do an amazing job. 


    9.15am - You review yesterday’s metrics and see that we’re up by 20% versus last week. You send a message on our #gratitude Slack channel giving a shout out to the team.


    9.30am - It’s time for your weekly 1:1 with your trusted second-in-command. This is her time to discuss whatever is on her mind with you and it’s sacred in your diary every week. 


    10.30am - Interviews! You’ve got a busy morning with 3 phone task interviews for some important sales team roles. You’ve worked with the General Manager for our Nanny service to make sure you’re on the same page with the purpose, scorecard and questions. Now it’s time to put your game-face on and get cracking!  Each interview is 30 minutes and you’ve given yourself a 10 minute buffer between each one for overtime and to write up notes to share with Josh and update our ATS.


    12.30pm - You organise the lunch schedule for the afternoon to make sure we have enough coverage on the phones. You then take a look at your personal inbox, and start dealing with some outstanding issues you’ve been working on. One nanny is trying to decide between two different families. One family is trying to negotiate their price!


    1pm - A welcome break after a hectic morning! You grab some food and head outside to make the most of the good weather.


    1.45pm - You join the weekly Matching forum. This is where you gather with our Product and Engineering teams to discuss how matching is performing. Your team’s role is focused on nurturing conversations (i.e. when families and nannies start chatting with each other on our platform) to become live, working matches. The teams in this Matching forum are focused on making it simple for families and nannies to discover each other through our digital marketplace, and then enabling them to make informed decisions about working together.

    This makes you a key partner in the discussion. You review the latest metrics and forecasts together, and also use the time to share direct insights from your team on what’s blocking matches being made, and some niggles your team are facing with their internal tools. The teams take actions away to change some in-product messaging and prioritise ways to improve the team’s internal platform during an upcoming ‘hackathon’.


    2.30pm - You’ve scheduled a coaching session for the team to listen to call recordings as a group. One team member has been with the company for 6 weeks and has got off to a great start. Based on the call she identifies some gaps in her knowledge about how the nanny service works. You also coach her on asking more open-ended questions so she can handle objections better. The next team member has been with Koru Kids for over a year. It’s clear she knows the product inside out and you suggest they partner up to fill in some knowledge gaps. You then offer her some suggestions on how to close the call with clearer next steps.


    3.30pm - A new starter has recently joined your team, and you’re managing their onboarding. You’ve already made an onboarding plan, which includes a load of background reading, ‘how to’ videos and insights presentations about our customers. Today, you’re pairing on replying to customer emails. You give some tips on how to handle the inbox more efficiently, and you also share some feedback on how to write in the Koru Kids tone of voice. You’re really impressed with how this new team member has started, and next week they’ll get cracking on the phones.


    4.30pm - You have a quick meeting with a Product Designer to review their prototype for how to streamline getting families to trial our nannies. Early tests have suggested this can increase conversion by up to 10% and also reduce your team’s workload. You’re really impressed with the prototype, offer a few constructive suggestions, and agree to help check the final version before it goes live.


    5pm - It’s time to review one of the experiments that the Sales team have been running over the past few weeks. You’ve been testing out to see if calling families within an hour of them signing up makes a difference to their conversion rate. You’ve been coaching one of the more junior members of your team to run this project. Together, you spot improvements amongst families who are looking for childcare to start immediately, but no impact for other families. You decide to refine the test to focus on this group, and agree to review results again in two weeks’ time.


    5.30pm - There are a few tasks left to complete before the end of the day. One of your team members isn’t feeling too great though, so you jump in to help. You decide to grab some emails from the sales team inbox, whilst the rest of the team focuses on their tasks. You advise one family on how to improve their chances of finding a nanny. You send a nanny some tips ahead of an upcoming phone interview. You’re able to respond to emails quickly, whilst also checking in with your team to make sure they’re on track for the end of the day.  


    6pm - The phone lines are closed, so you do one last check of the inboxes and make sure we’ve ticked off all our tasks for the day. You check back on metrics and see that the team has had another barn-storming day. You have a quick video debrief with the team and thank them for all their hard work. Then you close your laptop to enjoy your evening!


    Important things to know


    Timings: The role is Monday to Friday, from 9am to 6pm. We'd like to have this person join the team ASAP, but can be flexible for the right person.


    Salary: The salary for this role is £23,750 - £28,000 depending on experience (with plenty of room for progression over time). You'll get 25 days paid holiday, plus bank holidays. You'll also get a MacBook Air and generous allowance for home office equipment. For any parents thinking of applying - we also offer 50% off Koru Kids childcare (up to a value of £7,000 per year as a taxable benefit).


    Location: You can do this role from anywhere in the UK. We’re currently based in London but we welcome applications from people living outside London, as the role is fully remote. Over half the Sales team are based outside of London, so we make sure the role works for you no matter where you are.

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