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Performance Lead (ex-Strategy Consultant) at Sigma Labs

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  • London
  • fulltime
  • ₤50000 - ₤70000 per year

We are a mission driven education B-corp. We source & prioritise outstanding graduates from lower income backgrounds; provide world class technical training; and aim to employ them as high performance developers, ultimately offering a scalable talent pipeline for clients. Our mission is social mobility through world class education. Our potential for scale & impact is only limited by our execution. We are backed by investors from Google, Goldman Sachs and McKinsey. 


The business is founded on two beliefs: 

  • Exceptional talent is missed everyday: talent is equally distributed, opportunity is not. The common heuristics used to judge graduates, such as which university they attend, mean that outstanding talent is often overlooked. We rigorously source this talent while advancing the science of assessment;
  • Exceptional training changes outcomes: the most effective learning practices are rarely used because the institutions that invest in the training are not incentivised to do so (paid by quantity not quality). Yet Benjamin Bloom’s seminal educational research proved that the right methods can change learning outcomes by 2 standard deviations (2 sigmas). This is monumental and is the 2nd pillar of our beliefs. 



The Performance Lead is a Coach / Mentor role responsible for the critical function of helping graduate consultants excel over their 2 year client deployments. It is effectively the ‘activation’ of our Professional High Performance training that they received before deployment, and will likely suit an ex-consultant (mentoring) with a real interest in enabling high performance in people (coaching). The role will also involve collaboratively developing a deep and practical body of work to understand what top tier performance is and exactly how we can enable & deliver it. You will be a key player in influencing the long term outcomes of the individuals that are core to our mission.


Objectives (What does the role own)?

  • What? Own, understand, and deliver the out-performance of our consultants once on client site;
  • How? Be the link between our Professional High Performance training and the Consultants’ day to day behaviour: creating top performers through mentoring & coaching;
  • Why? Our mission is catalysing long term technical leaders with low income backgrounds;
  • Goals: consultants receive top ratings at Clients with 100% conversion from consultant to employee.


Day to day (What does the role involve)?

  • Working with client ‘line managers’ to understand desired behavioural performance; 
  • Regular performance reviews of consultants;
  • Regular 1 on 1 coaching/mentoring sessions;
  • Helping guide & deliver our Professional High Performance training via consultant & client, feedback & insight;
  • Other training, guides, events, surveys, tools as required to enable Consultants to drive and own their behaviour, outcomes and ultimately excellence;
  • Becoming an expert on the delivery of world class junior professional behaviour & how to activate it.



Professional & Education:

  • Education: Undergraduate or MBA (the institute is less important than the standards you’ve set for yourself, and the challenges you’ve overcome);
  • Professional: 5-7+ years’ professional experience in a top tier management consultancy or other high performance, delivery focused organisation (i-bank, VC/PE backed business, etc.). Certainly one that has a systematic approach to developing & enabling top tier performance in its staff (i.e. you’ll have had experience with mentoring/supporting more junior colleagues using considered methodologies & frameworks). You will also have had ownership of delivering world class standards of work, judged by someone who demands it (and you feel comfortable working in this type of environment);
  • Industry: specific industry knowledge isn’t particularly important but you’ll have a very good understanding of business in general, larger organisations and the roles that consultants and juniors play within them. 

Skills & Behaviours:

  • Values: alignment with our values – see below;
  • High fidelity: delivering top tier performance, from a back seat, in a group of (often) first time professionals is extraordinarily difficult and while the rubber might meet the road only occasionally in 121’s, the level of thought and exactness behind the scenes will need to be considerable. You’ll likely be self motivated and hold yourself to high standards;
  • Highly analytical: in a similar fashion, detail for its own sake is not enough. Individual professional performance, what it entails and how to ‘activate it’ is a space crowded with opinion and research. You’ll likely be a clear analytical thinker already interested in the sector;
  • Influential communicator: a critical part of the role will be activating this behaviour in the junior consultants via regular but not day to day interaction and engagement. Communication will likely be a strength and you’ll understand that charisma is not enough to drive long term influence;
  • Interested & collaborative: beyond the values below, you’re likely to be curious, widely read, considered & love working with others. Professional development is such an all encompassing and engaging field covering everything from commercial demands to psychology that the best solutions will almost certainly come from a broad knowledge and people base.

Nice to haves (interest or experience in):

  • learning and education best practice;
  • teaching/coaching adults;
  • technology and its impact on industry and society.



This is a key part of what we offer – the chance to pursue a meaningful mission alongside a group of people working for each other, and trying to deliver exceptional outcomes. We’d want you to contribute to the below as we grow:


  • Team first: self second – remove ego. We try to deliver excellence every day for the person who’ll build on our work...the person sitting next to us. It's about being part of something bigger;
  • Thoughtful respect: this doesn’t mean being ‘nice’, it means showing someone the respect to give them honest feedback, to challenge their work, to demand a higher standard. And to expect the same from it’s critical we do it with respect;
  • Performance in the moment: what we did last year, the universities we went to, the grades we got, aren’t important. High performing teams care about what you’re doing right now;
  • Entitled to nothing, grateful for everything: the two key components of our business - education and talent - are exceptionally difficult and notoriously ruthless. We are not entitled to succeed, we have to earn it every day – this requires resilience;
  • Constant improvement: we invest upfront in defining goals, taking notes, reading, practising – and running at hard feedback – without these, improvement is impossible. We’re geeks through discipline and curiosity;
  • Really caring: having any meaningful impact almost always requires sustained effort and excellent work - so it is really important that we care deeply about finding the right answers.



  • Start Date: immediate;
  • Location: Central London;
  • Compensation: £50-£70k (dependent on experience) + options (we want you with us for years);
  • Application Process: CV & cover letter to, 30 min CEO interview, 90 min case study, 2x 20 min interviews with other team members, and finally a 30 min coffee with the CEO.
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