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Operational Co-Founder (DNA Personalised Meals) Biotech Food Company with Traction at Biospan

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  • Who are we?

    The erosion of our soil and food quality is the biggest threat humanity will ever face. If we are to survive and continue evolving as a species, we must fix this issue. Our mission is to advance human evolution and regenerate nature using personalised nutrition.

    Biospan is the world's first company to offer highly personalised meals for your health and biology. We function on the principles of evolutionary science, regenerative agriculture, and functional medicine.

    We partner with registered nutritional practitioners, local farms, and personal chefs to build bespoke meals.

    We want to create a future where you can experience a prosperity in health by eating organic, grass-fed, and wild foods that are personalised for your health - and conveniently available.



    Biospan is a startup with a proof of concept and paying customers. We are at the point where we want to scale our service and acquire investment. However, we need more 'hands-on-deck' to help grow the company and implement the vision.

    We are looking for an operational founder who has experience as a chef, knowledge in health, and wants to get stuck into something that can potentially change the world.

    You will essentially be helping with anything and everything to start with - with a focus on suppliers, cutting costs, recruiting team members, and implementing product improvements.

    As we grow, this role will become larger and encompass the daily operating of the entire company to help implement the vision with the CEO.

    We have aspirations to make Biospan a global company with a multi-billion dollar valuation.

    The ideal applicant will have a desire to learn and grow. You must have an interest in technology and an understanding of how it works. You must be deeply passionate about health and looking for a long-term career that involves a bonding/partnership with the CEO to develop the future.


    • To work hand-in-hand with the CEO of Biospan to implement the vision and grow the company.
    • The operate Biospan inline with the principles of ancestral health, functional medicine, and regenerative agriculture.
    • To manage the procurements of goods, packaging, and suppliers.
    • Creating operational processes to reduce costs and improve the product.
    • To build relationships and manage chefs, nutritionists, suppliers, and other team members.
    • To build temporary and permanent solutions to problems and use technology if needed (e.g. 3rd party software, Zapier, Google Sheets)
    • Get involved in any aspect of the business if required and recruit new team members when required


    • Chef experience
    • Health knowledge and personal experience (ancestral health, functional medicine, and regenerative agriculture)
    • Knowledge in technology
    • Leadership and management experience
    • Knowledge of food safety and due diligence
    • Startup culture experience is always a plus


    • Moderate equity package
    • Potential for substantial financial returns
    • Joining an innovative startup with a proof of concept and paid customers
    • Choose your own hours (although you will probably be busy all the time)
    • A challenging project that will ultimately force you to grow
    • The opportunity to become a founder of an exciting startup
    • Remote working (for now)
    • Lots of learning


    Negotiable + Equity Package


    This role may start remotely, but you must be willing to relocate to London if require (either permanently or temporarily). This role is an equity-based role to start with, however, you will be paid full-time as we grow (we have customers now) or raise investment (within a few months).

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