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Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer - disruptive on-demand car ride service at Rideable

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  • Ready to disrupt the status quo? Interested? Then read on. 

    I am seeking a fellow Co-Founder to join me in a life changing adventure as Chief Brand Officer in an equity split, of a new startup I call Rideable in the on-demand taxi/private hire space.

    The startup is currently at ideation and concept stage, and heading full on into product development. Market validation is complete. The opportunity is very very exciting and feedback has been positive. 

    Importantly I am seeking a Co-Founder to augment and bring technological chops to the table. 

    Background context: 

    Transport is in trouble, augmented by the cost of living and soaring costs. The transport market has failed to deliver for riders and commuters. The overall transport market which does include ride hailing apps like Uber, is heavily saturated with lots of global players, but overall, the operating model  have stayed the same. Regular commuters are faced with mutliple hits; costs of trains and public transport are soaring, with service delivery very poor outside of London. Users of 1st generation on-demand apps like Uber, Lyft etc..face unpredictable surge pricing, fares, legal disputes and battles with lawmakers. Outside of London, a lot of 1st generation on-demand hail apps simply do not exist. 

    The product

    The concept of TaaS 2.0 is focused on an app (on-demand delivery), but with a very big change to the operating model used by similar brands like Uber. The target market is heavily focused on Gen-Z and I have a clear road map ahead for how this concept will grow. 

    It is all about the long term! 

    The role: Chief Brand Officer

    The Chief Brand Officer will manage Rideable's brand, the customer experience and our outreach to partners. The Chief Brand Officer, should and be able, to point out errors or mistakes, we may make together. Management should be able to give feedback and be willing to take it.

    • The CBO will be responsible for, but not limited to, the business's brand image, experience and promise
    • The CBO will also, at this stage, be responsible for marketing, advertising, public relations and customer service. (These areas maybe spun off into other roles, but this can be discussed, if they are).
    • The CBO will also be comfortable with c-level discussions and boardroom level meetings, including any partners that the business comes into discussions with.

    The Chief Brand Officer will be:

    1. Experienced with startups,
    2. Experienced with Incubators, VCs and other organisations
    3. Experienced in pitching, presenting and outreaching at many levels of business
    4. Experienced in marketing and branding for startups
    5. Any skills with applicable software would be welcome e.g. adobe
    6. Experienced with hiring and leading teams of people in a technology environment.
    7. Any experience in public sector, political or big organisations would be helpful.
    8. Able and willing to go the extra mile, in building the future

    The nitty gritty bit: 

    The role will start as a remote only role, at first but that could change as our journey progresses. Such conversations could be had down the line about location. The CBO would get a Founders Agreement, and a healthy share of equity befitting a fellow Co-Founder, along with the usual protections afforded founders of startups. 

    Salary would follow after investment or revenue generation. So the successful CBO would have to be comfortable with equity only for a time. 

    Next step: 

    I am seeking someone passionate, willing to join me on this journey and disrupt forever how we think of transport in the modern globalised world. 

    I am open to teams/zoom call and then see how things go there. I don't like a formal recruiting hr approach to someone I would consider a fellow Co-Founder in Rideable, so i'm open to a social meet too. 

    (Agencies will be ignored). 



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