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Senior .NET Web Developer at Intelligent Editing

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  • Remote
  • fulltime
  • ₤65000 per year
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  • This role is for U.K. residents only

    We’re passionate about the English language, and we design software that helps writers and editors produce their very best work.

    As our Employee Number 20, your challenge is to help us scale everything. We’ve got a wonderful customer base and an amazing team. We need you to automate every system so that we can continue to grow. From the website to purchasing, technical support, and customer service, you’ll make every system we operate run smoothly at scale.

    We’re a growing, profitable company; and we've been working 100% remote since before it was cool!

    Duties and Responsibilities

    You will own our:

    • Website

    • E-commerce

    • Membership database

    • Email integration

    • CRM integration

    • Support center

    You will have support from a front-end developer who has expertise in design and who is also heading up our development-marketing work.

    Some systems (such as the website and e-commerce) are up and running already. Others (such as the support center) will be new projects that you design from scratch.

    Skills & Requirements

    The role is all about understanding people. You’ll work directly with stakeholders to determine their biggest challenges and find solutions.

    You will figure out how to see problems from the perspective of our customers. And you will work with our customer service team to find ways they can handle two or three times the existing customer base using improved automation that you’ll design and build.

    The role is full of interesting technologies. We are using Stripe, Nuxt.js, Blazor, Identity Server, Azure functions, and several other Azure services. Candidates must have 5+ years of experience in commercial programming roles. In addition, candidates should have extensive knowledge of the following languages and technologies:

    • Languages: ASP.NET MVC, Microsoft C#, JavaScript

    • Development Environments: Visual Studio

    Candidates should have experience in:

    • E-commerce (we use Stripe)

    • Working with source control

    • Unit testing (we are obsessed with unit testing)

    Candidates will have an advantage if they have experience of, or ability to learn, the following:

    • Content management systems (we use Strapi)

    • Email service providers (we use Campaign Monitor)

    • Customer relationship management (we use Close)

    • Nuxt.js/Vue.js

    • Identity Server

    • SQL Server

    • Azure

    We love functional programming and adopt many of the concepts and methodologies that come with it. If you have experience with functional programming that’s a bonus, but don’t worry if you don’t. We know some companies give their team access to Pluralsight and expect you to cope. But Intelligent Editing is different. We all love learning, and we pride ourselves on our training even at senior levels. We have a core belief in training and mentorship, and we will give you the time, tools, and personal assistance to properly learn functional concepts even if you’ve never done it before.

    About Intelligent Editing

    Intelligent Editing was launched in 2009. We’re not going to be the next Uber, and we don’t want to be! We like being small and profitable with a great team. We believe in steady growth, quality service, and producing an excellent product.

    We’re at the forefront of proofreading/editing technologies. We were among the first companies to produce apps for Office and add-ons for Google Docs. We’re interested in ways that natural language processing can advance the field.

    Our development team enjoys complex problems. Most of us have our own projects outside of work, and we bring that energy to the (virtual) office. Books that get passed around the team include Clean Code (Uncle Bob), Functional Programming in C# (Enrico Buonanno) and Domain Modeling Made Functional (Scott Wlaschin). Oh, and did we mention that we’re obsessed with unit testing?

    We believe that developers can contribute more to the business when they get to interact with end-users. Some of our best business ideas have come from giving our engineering team exposure to customers and the problems that they face. We’re always open to new and innovative suggestions from all our developers at any level.


    Flexible Working
    We have a team call every day between 2pm and 4pm (UK time). All other hours are flexible. If you produce great work, we don’t care when you do it.

    A Life Beyond Programming
    We believe in work-life balance. We think it’s not realistic for developers to work more than forty hours per week and sustain quality. We’re sympathetic to the demands of parenting and welcome applications from experienced professionals from all backgrounds who need to work flexibly.

    An Accepting and Diverse Workplace
    Intelligent Editing is committed to being an equal opportunity employer. We aim to create a workplace that celebrates diversity. We do not tolerate discrimination. Our users are keepers of the written word, and we stand with those working to shine a light on all forms of exclusion and inequality. #BlackLivesMatter.

    Summary of Highlights

    Our work makes a difference. We help users focus on the parts of their job that matter. From medical writers working on vaccines (yup) to proposal writers bidding on some of the biggest engineering projects in the world, PerfectIt helps people focus on the meaningful part of their work.

    • Be part of small, profitable startup

    • Work from anywhere in the UK

    • Salary: £40k - £50k

    Candidates must have the right to work in the UK and must be based in the UK.

    Find out more about us at

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