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Co-founder - Business Development (sales/marketing/strategy or other background) at Incognito

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  • UK / Ireland
  • parttime

I have built a web application that targets services for remote working. This is a marketplace tool initially, but there is a wider context to this business past that initial stage (many key services can be added that are not at market yet).

I am currently a software specialist with both engineering and business aspects. I have built this application to try and show a valid audience.

I need somebody with the following abilities to get this to market:

- Understanding of sales cycle, especially the nitty gritty stuff. We can generate many potential lead sources, and could even add tools to automate this process. However, at the start there would be a lot of daily checking of sources manually and figuring out best ways to contact.

- Ability to generate content. This is a marketplace and as such we would need to generate content to populate the platform initially ourselves. There would be a lot of work involved in that process.

- Ability to create and edit video content. A key element here is generating video content through which we would build a brand and promote the platform. You don't need to be a professional video editor, you can even be quite new to this. But you must be willing and show a keen eye. This is a very important aspect from the start.

- Understanding of digital marketing. Again, this might not be your profession, and I can help with some aspects of this. However, you will need to upskill in this field to help improve SEO and core content.

- Understanding of business operations. I am looking for somebody with a background in business and a good understanding of money markets. If that shows out there would be leadership opportunities beyond the initial stage.

- A background in business marketing and / or law would be useful.

This would not be paid initially (equity only), and I do not expect somebody to leave their job until the business is funded (I still work in my job). However, I need somebody to take this on as more than just a passion project, but really push the limits on what we can do.

As a heads up, the interview process will ask you to do three tasks. I just need to make sure you are comfortable with these:

  1. Create a short video on a given topic (first try is ok, just need to know you can do it).
  2. Create some pieces of content (short task).
  3. Identify three lead sources (short task).

You will have opportunity to find out more as well of course and ask lots of questions.

In my experience it is very rare to start out with something ready for production. For that reason I think this is a great opportunity for somebody driven and experienced. Depending on what you can provide, we can agree an equity package.

I would encourage anybody from any background to apply to this role. If you are hesitant, please do not be (what's the worst that can happen).

Also, feel free to recommend this role to somebody you feel would fit well in this kind of role.

Please send your CV as normal, and more importantly tell me about what you can bring to something like this in your cover letter.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Happy to get more detailed later :)

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