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Co-Founder CTO at Omnia Biosystems

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  • Omnia Biosystems is Hiring a Co-founder CTO 

    As a Chief Technology Officer (CTO) on our team, you’ll help us support the development of the Omnia Discovery Engine (ODE) and the next generation of emerging Tech Bio companies in the United Kingdom.


    When you join Omnia Bio as our new CTO, you’ll help us develop and deploy our next-generation patient-specific drug discovery platform. Whether you’re passionate about blockchain, computational drug discovery, deep learning, enterprise SaaS, quantum machine learning, or another emerging space, you’ll bring a fresh perspective, sharing your ideas and expertise with our team and disseminating key findings within the Pharma and Healthcare ecosystem. This is a hybrid role remunerated by an equity stake in the company and initially requires a time commitment of up to 15 hours a week with the potential to progress to a full-time paid role depending on key milestones.


    Who We Are


    Omnia Bio is an early-stage Tech Bio company leveraging classical machine learning tools to develop transformative patient-specific therapies for cancer. We use computational methods for hypothesis generation in molecular and cellular biology to derive knowledge from prior experiments and distil it into a comprehensible model for specific cancers. We plan to offer our customers a better way to discover novel target mechanisms, de-risk drug targets, and develop novel drug combinations or immunotherapies for cancer through an enterprise SaaS platform. Our work also focuses on several other major areas such as biomarker discovery to facilitate clinical stage patient stratification of heterogenous populations for more precise, personalised, and effective assignment of cancer treatments.


    Our firm was established by the current founders as part of the BIA Pulse 2021 cohort and later the CRUK Cancer Tech Accelerator. More recently we were a finalist in the WAPG Astellas Future Innovator Prize. We are currently seeking a new CTO and a comprehensive board of advisors, mentors, and board members, as owners, bringing their insight and experience to our company. Collectively, we will implement years of experience to deliver life-changing therapies to patients that need them the most.


    Who You Are


    • You have “T” skills––depth and breadth. You have depth, perhaps in an area in which you’ve helped to build a company as a product leader or former founder, or maybe because you’re highly talented and ready to take a leadership leap. You also have breadth; you thrive on learning about emerging technologies and can easily come up to speed on new concepts.


    • You have several years of experience. You have spent some time building and deploying enterprise software technologies or have a strong academic background in machine learning (or both!).


    • You are entrepreneurial-minded. You understand how to create minimum viable utility on a project and are familiar with lean product development.


    • You’re relentlessly curious. Your favourite word is “Why?” You aren’t intimidated by tough topics that others are shy to tackle. You’re a sponge for information and are constantly exploring new industries, ideas, technologies, and tools. You seek out experts, surround yourself with books and articles, and learn from others as you come up to speed on a new space.


    • You have a great read on people. You enjoy meeting new people and are great at identifying promising talent and team members who have the capacity to blow through walls and create momentum, delivering a great product along the way.


    • You have a diverse and complementary network. Each person on our team will bring a unique set of relationships to our firm; together we’re stronger than we could ever be alone. You have a complementary network that helps us access, connect with and learn from an interesting new group of people.


    • You believe in our mission. You’re wholeheartedly committed to improving patient outcomes. You understand that the quality of your contribution at Omnia Bio has the potential to improve patient outcomes and alleviate the burden faced by millions of families that stand to lose a loved one.


    Your Responsibilities 


    • Evaluate publicly available data and any proprietary data generated by Omnia Bio, leveraging your data engineering skills and Omnia Bio’s workflow to integrate multiple data modalities and develop a broad range of machine learning models. Support Omnia Bio’s scientific team with actionable insight for experimental validation or data generation requests to support new projects.


    • Research new technologies and applications related to computational drug discovery, deep learning, enterprise SaaS, quantum machine learning, or another emerging technology, sharing what you learn with our team to update internal practices.


    • Build relationships with technology partners such as AWS and senior leaders across Pharma and Healthcare, connecting our technology with access to strategic support and product adoption, through your network.


    • Manage data collection and reporting for a selection of investor and key stakeholder meetings.


    • Establish a team with the technical competency, personal attributes, and skills necessary to develop and support Omnia Bio’s software development and the deployment of the Omnia Discovery Engine™. Initially adopting a very lean approach.


    How to Apply


    Please submit an application on the WorkInStartups platform or via the link below and let’s get acquainted!

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