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Operations Generalist at Koru Kids

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  • Remote
  • fulltime
  • ₤25,500 a year
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  • About Koru Kids

    Koru Kids is building the world’s best childcare service, starting in London. We’re making it easier and more affordable for families to access high quality childcare. We’re growing like crazy, are backed by fantastic investors, including top venture capitalists and business angels, and have won a bunch of awards.

    About the team

    We have an informal, hard-working and kind team culture. We’re all passionate about our mission and are determined to create a truly fantastic childcare service to help working parents. Our culture is friendly and fast paced – we are constantly challenging, testing and adapting the way we do things. We’re also really committed to working with integrity, doing the right thing and building a company we are truly proud of. We’re growing super fast but we also want to make sure that we are building a company on really solid foundations.

    We take great care with who we hire and all team members are superbly talented and really nice. If you’re brilliant AND humble, you’ll fit right in.

    About the role

    We are growing really fast, and we need someone to come and join our Customer Operations team. This is the backbone of the business, where the magic happens!

    You’ll be responsible for creating happy outcomes every day for parents, nannies and childminders by taking care of invoicing and payments so our families can pay correctly, and our childcarers can focus on looking after the kids without the hassle of financial admin. You’ll also have lots of freedom to reflect, analyse, experiment, innovate and improve the way we do things. You’ll be encouraged to think about human psychology, ‘nudges’, messaging and marketing, tracking and analysing data, algorithms and automation – all as part of the job as we improve the way customer operations works. We’ll welcome your ideas

    You’ll get exposure to all other parts of the business including marketing, finance, software, and operations. It’s expected that you will wear multiple ‘hats’ at Koru Kids (the joys of a start-up), so you’ll get to dig deep into these other areas as well. Over time, you may find yourself specialising in one of these other parts – it’s up to you to choose your own adventure.

    You’ll be a core member of our team, and you’ll get all the training, coaching and support you need to do your job well. We’ll invest in your development and help you succeed.

    How your role will evolve

    This role will give you the foundation to grow at Koru Kids and beyond with former operations generalists now forming the backbone of our company.  

    Former ops generalists have gone on to launch new services within Koru Kids or embarked on new careers within Koru Kids once they figured out what they were really good at and loved, including Product Management, Finance, Data and Software Engineering.

    Basically, this role will take you places!

    A typical day


    You grab a cup of tea and join the company-wide (video) standup to hear what’s been going on across the business. It’s great to understand how your work fits into the bigger picture.



    You have a ‘huddle’ on Zoom with the Product Finance team, checking customer queries that have come in over the last couple of days and been logged onto your workflow. You sort through as a team and take the next half an hour to action anything relevant to you, so that the Customer Support team can resolve the customers’ queries.



    You grab a coffee and scroll through Slack. A few queries from other teams have come to you, which you answer or redirect to the right place.



    You whack some music on and focus on an important problem the Marketing team has asked you to help with. They want to be able to analyse our TrustPilot and Google reviews in one place. You quickly make life easier for them with some no-code automation - a little bit of zapier and google sheet wizardry.  (Later, you see your name tagged on the ‘Gratitude’ channel in Slack - they really appreciate what you built!)



    Ahead of invoicing this afternoon you have your regular debtors review with Richard from Finance. A couple of unpaid invoices need to be added to the chasing process, so you finish the session early and email those customers. 



    A welcome break after a productive morning! You grab some food and head outside to make the most of the good weather.



    It’s invoicing day. Feeling fresh from your lunchtime walk, you jump on the group Zoom. There are six of you working on various parts of the invoicing process today. You take the lead on allocating the various parts of the process to the group. This month you’re focusing on inputting adjustments and ensuring everything balances as expected before we hit the ‘go button’ and send out over 1500 invoices to our customers.



    Invoices have gone out, and a few queries are coming back, which is normal. Our amazing Customer Support team handles the emails whilst you work in the background making any necessary corrections to invoices. Then Team Lead Sam asks you to jump on a Zoom call and untangle a particularly complex query. Once it’s sorted, you make a note to talk about this in the retro we run after every invoicing cycle.



    It’s your weekly 1:1 with the Head of Customer Operations, Alan.  This is your time to discuss whatever is on your mind with him. You decide to use half the time to get a second opinion on a few decisions you want to make, and the other half sharing thoughts on how google sheets weekly drop-ins could allow you to have more focus time in the week with fewer requests while still being accessible to other team members. 



    You’ve noticed some trends in the invoice queries today, and want to take a closer look into the queries. You identify a source of confusion in how the info in the invoices is presented, so you think of improvements and then raise your ideas with Sultana, our Head of Payroll, to get her thoughts. 



    You boot up Slack and work through your important channels and direct messages to make sure there’s nothing urgent that needs replying to this evening before you wrap up. Thankfully there isn't a lot, so you close your laptop just before 6pm and head away from your desk to enjoy your evening!


    3 reasons this role is great:

    1. You will learn a TON. Customer-facing operations will be your main focus, but you’ll get plenty of exposure to marketing and other aspects of the business. You’ll learn how to found a business, about operations, marketing, technology, and finance.
    2. You’ll be making a huge difference to the everyday lives of parents. We’re building a business that will profoundly benefit children, women, and families.
    3. We’re well-connected in the startup world, so working with us will open lots of doors for you even if you leave. We’ve got a strong track record of helping people we’ve worked with.

    About you

    We’re after an all-rounder who is clever, practical, positive and nice. We don’t mind what degree you’ve done, or if you had chosen to not do a degree, as long as you’ve done well in your endeavours.

    We’ll also be looking for evidence of drive, aspiration, spark and energy in the extracurricular stuff you’ve done.

    Essential skills

    • You’re able to write clearly, simply and accurately, with perfect spelling and grammar
    • You’re comfortable speaking to new people, both in person and on the phone
    • You love working with numbers and data. Excel is your friend. We love people who love analysis.
    • You can work at a fast pace and under pressure
    • You’re emotionally intelligent. Although you’ll like to talk, the most important thing you’ll do is listen. Choosing childcare is an emotional decision, and you’ll need to help parents through the process
    • You’re detail-oriented. We deal with payroll and payments, and the details must be 100% correct
    • You’re a problem-solver. As we are a young company, there aren’t many fixed processes yet. That means you can create new processes, make suggestions, and tell us we’re doing things wrong
    • You roll with it. You understand that startups are unpredictable environments. You are comfortable with a degree of chaos
    • You’re nice. You get that no player is bigger than the team. You fit right into our culture of supporting and helping each other.

    Important things to know

    Timing: We'd like to have the right person join as soon as possible, but we will wait to find the right person

    Flexibility: This is a full-time role

    Salary and benefits: The salary for this role is £25,500.  Your pay will increase as you grow and develop within the company.  Equity will also be an option at your 1-year anniversary.  We also have some awesome benefits — parents, among these is the ability to have a Koru Kids nanny for half price (that’s right - 50% off childcare!)

    Location: You can do this role from anywhere in the UK and earn the same salary as you would if you were in London (where we are based). We welcome applications from people living outside London. Outside the UK is more complicated as it has tax and other implications, so we are unlikely to hire someone living outside the UK.

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