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Tech lead / Software engineer / cofounder at Tecive

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  • Edinburgh
  • parttime
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  • The project

    Information is difficult to find, an organisation uses on average 40 to 60 different apps (CRM, emails, notion, google drive, sharepoint, etc).

    Finding information in all those tools is time consuming, and if you send an email to your coworker, that’s a minimum of 23 minutes lost for each interruption.

    Tecive is changing that! We are building a search that can plug to all those tools, making all the knowledge in an organisation available in one place (imagine having google, just for your organisation).

    The project is now getting traction, and while an MVP is already here, there is still a lot of code and technical challenges ahead.

    The specs

    🌍 Fully remote role, but UK based is preferred. Can accept west/central europe (UCT / UTC+1)

    💰 Initial, big equity share, followed by a pre-agreed salary after the seed-round

    🛠️ The role could evolve in a CTO position

    Stack & missions

    • Frontend is on Vuejs (served by Nginx), using the option api. However it is progressively transitioning to Typescript and the composition api.
    • Mobile apps may be done through capacitorjs (same code bade for all platforms)
    • Backend is on FastAPI (async python)
    • DBs are PostgreSQL and Elasticsearch
    • Servers are on Azure (mix of VMs, App service and managed DBs)

    You will:

    • Ensure a excellent code quality, by using TDD, writing clean, easy to read code, and doing code reviews
    • Lead an Agile development environment including sprint planning, user story prioritisation, task estimation, sprint implementation, and sprint review.
    • Manage source code control, software integration, and software releases.
    • Implement new features as well as diagnose, refactor, and optimise the existing code base to make it scalable and robust to serve tens of thousands of users smoothly.
    • Set up CI/CD environment, and automatic testing
    • Report directly to the CEO, and work closely with the rest of the team

    The team

    Myself, AI & software engineer. I will be here to support you, and ensure there is a good code quality, but as CEO, my time will be progressively away from the tech (recruiting, funding, legal stuff, etc).

    A marketing and sales founder, I'm in contact with 3 different people at the moment, doing trial projects to select who will become the marketing champion

    You! As a tech champion :)

    Two mentors (without equity) with extensive experience in startups, scaleups and international companies

    Next steps

    We will do a one month trial project (1 or 2 days a week) together to see if we are a good fit for culture and skills.
    You will define the deliverables and how much work you will do during this trial.
    The trial can be on Tecive or a side project.

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