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Mechanical engineer at Mammbo Group

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  • Hayes
  • fulltime
  • ₤20,000 - ₤50,000 a year

Position: Mechanical Engineer Organization: Mammbo Group Limited, 10789748 

Location:  Hayes (workshop + office). 

Project(s): Not disclosable/only disclosable under NDA | disclosable when joined.


Opportunity to join a company with a long-term vision working in exciting new technologies -across sectors. We are early in our journey, but this will be a hell of a ride for the right person.

What we do We work in inventions and discoveries. We produce prototypes for ideas worth reaching the market and for inventions yet to exist – across industries – and bring them to reality. As a real-world example of an engineering landmark, we do work similarly to Lockheed Martin. E.g. of industries we are working on: software (health), software (military), health, food products, aerospace, outer space exploration (support), human-computing interfaces (mechanical/software), etc. We also do highly sensitive R&D.

The Role and Responsibilities (- what is expected from you) We are hiring a mechanical engineer for a very long time frame. The role will involve going from idea and rough sketches (in some occasions full-blown engineering drawings) and generating the first models for these, first in CAD (considering all possible ways to achieve the design) and later building it (or in some occasions getting the specs out so it can be built) in the workshops. And progress to small batch manufacturing (which we usually do in-house) and to final manufacturing.

We expect resourcefulness, speed and engineering proficiency, efficiency and relentlessness – as well as a continuum improvement in results in the areas under your control. If you are inventive or innovative, that is so much better and will fit well.

Despite our intense focus on ideas and invention, the cautionary tale is not to be too egocentric with ideas in case these don’t get passed through. Some ideas are great but fall in the bucket of maybe later/later/not now/or require market conditions X. Being overenthusiastic about every single idea/invention/innovation/operational improvement/design you create will be a recipe for success. The yardstick for what gets done or parked is results, %s, ROIs, and profits.

Company ethos & Perks We take care of our employees and are building a company that is (1) inventive (not innovative)1, (2) where it’s super exciting to work as the work ranges from low tech to very high tech, (3) with a very long term vision (>100 yrs), and (4) with a relentless focus on (a) creating icons and inventions which will be common nouns in the world languages, (b) optimisation and process efficiency – from idea to product, and (c) rate of ideas to market.

Pension and other schemes are available to you. We are putting together a learning scheme and a few other initiatives around this area. Your perks are going to better over time as we get more and more successful (e.g. increases in salary, conditions, internal tools, unique internal tools, machinery, etc.)

Candidacy (- what to expect) We triage all our employees carefully before we interview. Following the how-to-apply directions (outlined below) is the first step. Anything else you do is a bonus to be considered at this stage.

If you don’t hear back from us at this stage, it means we are not a match and will not pursue any further engagement. Usually, this is more about us than about you, so don’t take it personally. The next stage is a conversation to gauge real interest, compatibility, matching abilities, etc. Including internal beliefs that align with the company ethos.

One thing to bear in mind is we are not desperate to hire someone. So the optimisation of being the best among the current pool of applicants is not sufficient to get hired. We are looking for the best match in talent and compatibility, and the best way to find out is to be yourself both on paper and on conversations.

If we need another conversation, we will schedule that, but we usually would have reached a decision already at this stage. The final step is to work out the details of the contract and other legal agreements before we get into the real work.

How to apply Send your resume and any supporting documentation you can (and are allowed to) send off the following: (1) What your abilities are; You can include where you have worked if you wish but not very relevant. Generic templates will be directly discarded. (2) Projects you have worked on and successfully solved. If none, indicate so and show what you would do in a fictitious project. (3) List of great designs, mechanical marvels, clever mechanisms, and the like you have respect or admire.

How to apply to win Do all the above and work out a project from scratch (as you will need to in your day-to-day activities) to show what you can do by actually doing something tangible and concrete to this application.

Thanks for reading, and good luck.


[1] Innovation would be a RepRap 3Dprinter with a different design to make it portable; Invention would be a 3D printer that prints parts as if they were injection moulded. Better examples are available on request. → We do some innovation work (both to improve or generate new processes, tooling, internal tools, etc.,) but the bulk of your work is going to be on inventing.

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