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  • Do you love the Maldives? Seychelles? Bora Bora? What about the thousands of other places burning diesel every day so that they can keep the lights on?

    Well, we do! That’s why we’re trying to help them.


    Who we are

    We’re AEON Energy, and our mission is to enable every community in the world to generate and store their own clean energy locally.

    We have started with Islands.

    With our small team, we hope to improve the lives of millions who live there by providing them access to reliable and renewable electricity. To achieve that, we are developing an innovative product that allows islands to generate energy from multiple sources without occupying a single square foot of land space.

    We have just won a prestigious Innovate UK ENERGY CATALYST ROUND 9 grant in partnership with our International Consortium and raised a Seed funding round to match it. This will enable us to develop our solution further, test it and instal a pilot off the coast of sunny Ungoofaaru (feel free to google it).

    The good news is you can be a part of this. You can have the opportunity to travel to some of the world’s most beautiful places whilst working to save them. Just imagine it for a moment. Better than being stuck working in a dull office, isn’t it?

    What will you do

    Your primary job will help us develop our product’s power electronics, including but not limited to:

    • The World’s first buoyancy-shifting oceanic floating solar array
    • The World’s first hybrid modular OWC Wave Energy Converter
    • (And all the systems required to transfer this energy to shore)

    You’ll be expected to help us manage subcontractors, both in the UK and abroad, where we will have the support of both ours and the vast Energy Catalyst network. Furthermore, we are working closely with the UK’s leading wave energy lab, and you will be expected to liaise with them to leverage their experience and input so that we make the best possible product.

    Who are we looking for

    Main Requirements:

    • Passionate about small islands and the future of energy
    • Advanced degree (e.g., BEng, BSc, MEng) in Power Engineering, Electrical/Electronic Engineering, or other technically relevant fields
    • Experience in Power Electronics and/or Power System Design
    • Have the Right to Work in the UK

    Preferred candidates would:

    • Have experience with floating/offshore energy
    • Have experience in the design and maintenance of renewable energy systems.
    • Be based in London (although we’re open to hybrid/remote work)
    • Not be afraid of making mistakes – and learning from them
    • Be eager to work in a small team
    • Be good under pressure


    What you will get

    • £30,000 to £50,000 a year, plus share options
    • Travel around the world – starting with a visit to the Maldives in Q1 2023
    • Be a part of building a company from an early stage (and all the professional and financial gains associated with it);
    • Boost R&D skills.
    • Get a chance to participate in the development of a game-changing product.
    • Witness your thoughts and ideas profoundly impact our work.


    Finally, a word of warning.

    This will not be an easy job. Attempting to do something this innovative on a limited budget, I can guarantee you that we will face several setbacks. So, if you are looking for a cosy 9 to 5, this position is not for you.

    However, if you yearn for a chance to make a difference and are not intimidated by stepping outside of your comfort zone, please apply. We’d love to meet you.

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