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Founders Associate | Personal Assistant at PocketBrands

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  • Remote
  • freelance
  • ₤15 an hour

Hey, thanks for clicking!

This is an entry level position into the world of start-ups! Perfect for someone who wants a fun remote part-time job  to pick up some extra cash and 1-1 experience working directly with a SASS (tech) founder. Perfect for students, but anyone is welcome to apply.

So what does a founder’s associate do?

To best explain, know that being a SASS founder is extremely diverse. You have to do everything! Validating a product idea, building it, marketing it, customer service etc. A founder’s associate basically helps founders across all these roles. Tasks are so varied it can often be considered as a personal assistant role. The difference being is that as a founder’s associate you’ll gain a much closer insight into what being a founder takes.

Who will you be working with?

Meeeeee! :) I’m a 24yr old founder. I’ve been building tech companies for about 3 years now and I’d love to build a small team around me who can help with all the tasks that this involves. If you want to find out a bit more about me, here’s my LinkedIn. ( 

Education and experience DOES NOT MATTER! :) As long as you are passionate, willing to work hard and easy to work with. You’ll be great and it’d be great to chat to you.

Cam ✌

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