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  • Hi all,

    Surf, an app that helps users make new friends based on mutual interests, is looking for a CTO.

    What Surf Does

    On Surf, the experience begins when a user types in an outcome that they desire (e.g. “I want to find a partner in London for a Kilimanjaro climbing trip.“). We match them with someone who wants to achieve the same outcome. They chat. They become friends. That’s it. Elegant. Simple. Life-changing. We want to use it to eradicate loneliness from the world.

    Who We're Looking For

    We need someone with considerable NLP and ML pedigree (prod-level experience). Being handy with OpenCV is a plus. Our ideal CTO will also have hands-on experience in simple native app creation with MERN and Expo techstacks. Moreover, we need someone who loves the early stage challenges of startup life and is ready to wear different technical hats. Someone so enthused about the idea of eliminating loneliness from the world and finding a friend for everyone that they would happily work on this for a year+ pre-funding.

    Where We Are

    In terms of existing assets, we’ve already got lots of proprietary technology incl. key algorithms, and an app that’s 80% finished. Our waiting list has seen uptake in over 40 countries and we’re in promising talks with universities over pilot schemes. We already have one advisor (prior exp. at Google) onboard and are actively seeking others to make near-term fundraising more straightforward. Any CTO coming into this project will be well-set-up for success.

    Comp & Logistics

    Early stage - this position will be equity only, but we're pursuing funding presently. We're seeking a 20-hour-per-week minimum commitment for anyone we bring on in this role.

    The ideal candidate would be in London, UK but fundamentally we don’t care where you live, especially if you’re the next Aaron Swartz/Tarun Mathur/Mira Murati.

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