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Marketing Guru - 50/50 on a SaaS | Validate | Build | Scale at TheValidator

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If you know what you're actually doing when it comes to marketing and growth keep reading.

You might be in a full-time role, and due to the current economic climate and like 99% of roles on here, you might not fancy quitting to work for sweat equity until the founder manages to raise that well earned VC cash.

If you want stability until you're in a position to make that call, then this is for you.

I think SaaS is the way to go. Back in the day everyone used to say to me invest in property, you can't go wrong. Traditional thinking.

I consider SaaS products, web property. They scale, quicker and higher than any property portfolio will.

Too many people are trying to reinvent the wheel. There are so many SaaS products that have become so bloated with millions of features, they've no choice but to increase their pricing to the point they're pricing users who just want a small subset of core features, out of the market.

That's where the opportunity is.

If you can clearly articulate how we'd validate a SaaS idea without building it first, I'll fund the validation and fund building the MVP.

I don't want to waste time back and fourth. If you can't answer the below straight off the bat, save your time.

  1. How will you validate there is actually a need for this idea?
  2. What will the MVP look like?
  3. How will you market it to grow users?

I've been messing around with Reddit ads over the last week, and its proving interesting. You might have better ideas.

But my background is software dev and product management. I lack the marketing skills to take a product to the next level.

I'm not fixated on a particular SaaS idea or industry, I'm open to all ideas.

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