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  • Remote
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  • ₤60,000 - ₤85,000 a year

About Us

We’re G3DAI - officially pronounced Jedi (let’s just get that out of the way early!).

We love playing & building games and wanted to create a platform that would help others do the same.

G3DAI’s platform uses generative AI to enable anyone to create rich, immersive gaming prototypes just from text prompts.

We’re a young company, with a massive mission & a singular focus. If you’re ambitious & you’re looking for autonomy, responsibility & fast pace- - we’re the right place for you.

In this role, you will have the chance to work on projects that impacting millions of game designers and developers by creating game mechanics (full games) applying advanced NLP, machine learning and deep learning technologies to G3DAI products.


Key Responsibilities:

· Carry out state-of-the-art (SOTA) NLP research, such as knowledge graph, key information extraction at different granular levels from texts, textual content understanding and code generation, with a focus on code for gaming engines.

· Apply SOTA NLP techniques to practical scenarios such as search and recommendation

  • Literature review and investigate the SOTA NLP technologies regarding specific projects
  • Dataset acquisition
  • Build models with novelty, applicability, and practicality in mind.
  • Model evaluation and iteration
  • Creation of high quality scripts that generate game mechanics
  • Building a demonstration system to showcase the value of strength
  • Write documentation, research papers, or patent application (whichever applicable)


Position Requirements:

· PhD or equivalent Master's Degree plus 4+ years in computing-related fields (such as Computer Science, Engineering, Mathematics, Physics)

· NLP background with deep learning modelling and library use (e.g. Pytorch, Tensorflow) experience

· Passionate about data, machine learning, and gaming

· Programming experience in Python, R, C, or C++

· Software engineering background, e.g., you have a Computer Science background, or software engineering working experience

· Able to work independently and as a team, and drive a project from its inception to the finish line on time



· Publications at top-tier conferences such as ACL/EMNLP/NAACL/AAAI/ICLR etc. and journals such as TACL/CL etc.


- Flexible work 
- Remote / hybrid / in-office - you decide!
- Unlimited holiday
- Very generous equity options


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