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Account / Project Manager at Koyo

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  • London
  • fulltime
  • ₤23,000 - ₤28,000 a year
  • -
  • Account / Project Manager

    In short: 
    Full-time position.
    Hybrid working with communal workspace in Central London and home working. 
    Salary range £23-28k.

    Welcome to Koyo

    • Koyo is a marketing agency. Providing a traditional service, strategy, design, and implementation in unconventional ways, from web3 to AI.
    • We help brands understand the new ways people are living their digital lives, from digital expression (skins + fashion) to digital content (creator led) to digital ownership (NFTs).
    • We work on behalf of consumer facing brands in the areas of fashion, music, entertainment, and charity, creating strategies that inform communication and content plans. Basically we work out the ‘why’ and then figure out ‘how’.
    • We are driven by the art of design and the impact technology is having on it.
    • We believe it is important to balance profit and purpose and will always look for ways to do the right thing, from both a commercial and moral perspective.

    Who you’ll work with

    You’ll work alongside Ben and Amber as we test, learn and discover our way to becoming a leading digital agency. Creating a workspace that is meaningful, imaginative, and playful for the future Koyo employees.

    The position

    As an all-rounder, you need to be comfortable working at a young agency, where your decisions and actions will have a huge effect on the overall business. There is a lot here, and you’re not expected to do it alone, be perfect at any of it, or do it all in one day. Due to the size of the team we all do a bit of everything. No two days are the same.

    • Account management: you’ll work directly with clients to keep track of projects, requests, and deliverables. Assisting with the creation and presenting of presentations.
    • Project management: You will be responsible for managing projects internally, making sure we hit our objectives and stick to our timelines. You will ensure projects are organised and efficient, acting as the central point between creative output and client supply.
    • Strategy: You will be overseeing client strategies and content plans. This means living and breathing a brand, its products, and its audience; then using your logic and imagination to come up with the best approach.


    About you

    Like any CV you’ve been asked to do a million things but really this role is about an attitude and desire to learn and willingness to fail (obviously some skills are preferred)

    • You are organised and analytical, able to keep track of the details whilst seeing the bigger picture. Keeping projects running smoothly from start to finish is one of your forte.
    • You have an eye for details. You understand that running a company requires attention to detail and organisational efficiency. At the same time, you never lose sight of treating people like people.
    • You are able to write fluently and coherently, communicating tasks and projects in simple and efficient ways.
    • You have a strong understanding of social media, understanding its functions and the best way to manage it.
    • You are pro-active and adaptable, working in an emerging industry for a start-up means there’s no rule book (other than the one you make).
    • You are curious and imaginative, we’re looking for someone who can experiment and innovate, always asking why and looking for more.
    • You love learning as you go. You always want to find the right tool for the job, and don't only follow what you already know.
    • You are excited to work in a start-up environment. Whatever you do, needs to have a business impact. You can make trade-offs between speed and quality.
    • An interest in the art of design. You always see the beauty in design, from architecture to adverts, and ask questions of it.
    • The future excites you, both its possibilities and technologies, from web3 to AI.

    Our offer

    • Full-time contract with a salary range of £23-28k annually
    • 25 days annual leave (plus bank holidays) with an extra day for each year worked (up to 30 days)
    • Flexible working hours: core working hours 10-4pm, flexibility outside of this
    • Hybrid working: work remotely up to 3 days per week, with office location within the exclusive working space Mortimer House with onsite gym, rooftop bar, training seminars.

    Our process

    We’re looking for someone to join us as soon as possible.

    You'll walk through 2 stages:

    1. Get to know each other (virtually): A conversation for us to hear about each other and for us to explain what we do. This is to gauge at a high level whether we’re the right fit for each other.
    2. A short activity: You'll be given a hypothetical product or problem, it’s up to you to get creative and solve it. Not expecting chapter and verse, it’s how you think, not what you come back with that we’re interested in.

    We are mindful of your time: Going through all stages can be done within one week. Once you've passed them all we will extend a formal offer.

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