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  • ₤75,000 - ₤85,000 a year
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  • What we do:

    The charity sector supports tens of millions of people in the UK, and billions globally. It also earns £86bn in income each year.

    But despite the scale and importance, there's a fundamental lack of tech tools available to actually manage charitable programmes. At Time to Spare, we're fixing that.

    We're building a platform to run a charity, but also to build up the single source of truth about the effectiveness of charitable services, that can be shared with funders and people that need support.

    The sector can be incredibly complicated and interconnected, and our platform is set up from the start to work across all the actors in the ecosystem, (a "market network").

    This means we can build a sustainable and profitable business while providing incredibly valuable tools completely free for charities to use.

    We've got 450 charities using the platform each month, supporting over 200,000 people so far, and we're growing quickly.


    Who we are:

    We're a team of 3, two co-founders (Tom and Will) and Ceci working in partnerships/business development.

    As co-founders have spent years working with the charity sector, both before and after setting up Time to Spare. We have a really clear understanding on what needs to be done to solve clear problems in the space, and we have people paying us to do that.

    Most of the existing platform and code base was designed and written by Tom (CEO).


    Who you are:

    We're looking for a full-stack developer (with a particular focus on front end) to become a core member of the team and manage our whole platform:

    • A management platform for charities
    • A data reporting & visualisation platform for funders
    • Service "marketplace" for individuals

    We want someone with real customer-facing experience and whose main motivation is in delivering value to the end user (in our case charities).

    You'd need experience with JavaScript and React. If you've worked with Firebase or Elasticsearch before, that would be handy, but not necessary.

    CS degree? Bootcamp? Taught yourself? Whatever.

    We care about what you can do now, and how quickly you can learn. It doesn’t matter how you got here. Our technical and product challenges are constantly shifting and changing, and the only way to keep up is to learn fast. This holds true even if you consider yourself an expert already.

    Also, the company is going to grow very quickly over the next couple of years. We've got clear traction with existing customers, and a real obvious path to growth. We've just raised an angel round to support this.

    Ideally, you would be a key part of that, helping us to build (and potentially manage) a full engineering team.

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