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Events Operations Associate at Operations Nation

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  • London
  • fulltime
  • ₤20,000 - ₤26,000 a year
  • -
  • About us:

    Operations Nation is creating a digital ecosystem designed to showcase the people, systems, and processes that power our businesses and make the world go round. We’re here for:

    • Existing startup/scaleup operations managers who are seeking more resources to be the best ops leaders they can be

    • Experienced operations leaders who are happy to share their expertise and knowledge

    • Those who are aspiring to be operations managers/leaders, but aren't sure how

    • Everybody else who don't yet know they would make great operations professionals

    Our mission is to create and curate a community-powered knowledge base filled with ops-specific content, tools, resources, and workshops to help operations professionals not only survive but thrive, at every stage of their ops career.

    Our vision is a world where operational best practices are just as readily accessible as any other business information, where operations is just as respected a discipline as strategy, and where young people are as likely to aspire to become COOs and operational leaders as CEOs.

    Our community:

    What started with three operations communities (COO Stories, Ops Stories and COOhort) is now under one roof: Operations Nation.

    We learn from each other by discussing challenges and sharing stories, experiences, and advice. Most importantly, we help each other be more effective and grow in our roles. The ON Community is your space to share experience and advice, ask/answer questions, grow professionally and expand your network online and offline.

    Your role:

    We organise a LOT of events:

    • Public events that are accessible to everyone, as well as private events for community members only

    • Online and offline. So far, our offline events have been mostly in London and Nairobi, but we’ll soon start expanding into other geographical locations internationally, starting with the rest of the UK, Germany and the US.

    • Small and large. From 8-people breakfasts to conferences attended by hundreds of people.

    • There’s rarely a week where we don’t have an event happening. Our usual cadence is 1-3 events per week, and it will be going up.

    We’re looking for someone to work closely with our existing team and own the events arm of Operations Nation. Up till now, the responsibility of the events has been split between the team but mostly run by Becca, our amazing Community Organiser. However, as our community is growing, Becca’s focus will shift more towards community management, and we’re now looking for someone who can own our events from start to finish.

    The role is really fun and varied, but keep in mind that you need to be a people-person to really thrive in it — you’ll be having lots of interactions with different stakeholders every day!

    Your responsibilities will be:

    • ON Community events: working closely with the Community Organiser to create and host community events (online and offline) with ease.

    • Public ON events: all organisational aspects of public events (online and offline), including our annual cONference.

    • Training sessions: helping to organise and host various learning and training sessions (online and offline).

    • ON Community operations: working closely with the Community Organiser to help manage some of the administrative processes behind running the community, such as onboarding new members and responding to member requests.

    What this involves:

    • Actively participating in events strategy, roadmapping and execution conversations.

    • Events initiation: liaising with all event stakeholders (Community Manager, ON founders, partners, community members, event hosts and speakers) on anything that’s needed to set up a successful event, e.g. presentation, audience questions, agenda structure, etc.

    • Events set up: preparing visuals, writing copy, setting up RSVP page, Zoom links, booking venue, etc.

    • Events announcements and promotion: announcing the events in our community forum as well as externally (social media, various publications); ensuring that event hosts and panelists share the events on their platforms.

    • Events attendance monitoring: inviting any relevant guests to the event, monitoring the signups and advertising the event as needed to reach the optimal number of attendees.

    • Events calendar: owning the events calendar, keeping our team informed about all upcoming events, keeping the project plans up to date.

    • Events hosting: setting up the physical venue or ensuring Zoom is ready, welcoming people to the space, ensuring the tech setup is working correctly.

    • Events notes and videos: taking notes during the event to be shared with the guests afterwards; editing and publishing the event recording;

    • Events follow-ups: reaching out to attendees post-event to share any relevant information from the event.

    • Events data: collecting, analysing and presenting events data, spotting trends, making conclusions, and suggesting improvements.

    • Events support: responding to any host or guest enquiries before, during and after the event; being available to resolve any unexpected issues.

    • Community operations: Helping the Community Organiser with running the community, including reviewing applications and onboarding new members to the community and keeping an up-to-date members database.

    We’re looking for you if you’re…

    • Organised and enjoy building and maintaining systems and processes. We’re after a true operations person here!

    • Great with people. You love connecting with others, can build rapport quickly, and active listening is one of your core skills. You’ll need to learn to be comfortable communicating with people at different levels of seniority, across disciplines that might not be readily familiar to you.

    • A good writer. Words come easy to you, bad formatting makes you cringe, and you can stick a typo from afar. You’ll need these skills as you’ll communicate a lot in writing - whether it’s in our community forum, social posts, newsletter or direct emails to members.

    • Tech-savvy and fast learner. We use many no-code tools such as Luma, Notion, Super, Canva, Airtable, ClickUp, Zapier; and whilst your knowledge of them isn’t a requirement, we will expect you to pick up new tech quickly and with minimal guidance.

    • Proactive and resourceful. You’re ready to roll up your sleeves and get things done, figuring out how as you go. We’re a startup and often need all hands on deck.

    • Responsible and honest. You manage your time and multiple responsibilities effectively and meet the deadlines you set for yourself. You pick things up quickly, know how to take criticism, and respond well to feedback.

    Your skills and experience:

    • If you don’t have any experience but are interested in what we’re building, fit our description above and are hungry to learn, we’d love to speak with you. We all need to start somewhere!

    • Of course, it’d be great if you have some experience with some of the responsibilities we’ve listed, but it’s not a requirement.

    • If you’re already familiar with some of the following tools, that’s pretty awesome: Luma, Notion, Airtable, Webflow, Canva, iMovie, GSuite, Zapier.

    • If you have prior experience in community management, event organising, or copywriting, that’s doubly awesome.

    The aims of this role are:

    • For it to be valuable to you and your professional development.

    • For it to be valuable to Operations Nation, our work and our growth.

    • For you to be challenged and spend your time producing real, tangible work. You'll be given heaps of responsibility and ownership.

    • For you to have input into how things work at Operations Nation. Your opinion will always be listened to and valued.

    • For you to have an impact. Externally, your work will reach thousands of people. Internally, you'll solve operational problems and get involved in figuring out ways in which we can grow.

    • To provide you with true startup experience. You'll not only see first-hand how to build a business from scratch - you'll be a big contributor to it.

    • To help you build your professional network. You'll be plugged into quite a few communities and start to build your own connections.

    • To bring you confidence in your skills and abilities. You'll have lots of independence, and we'll constantly encourage you to grow.

    Role details:

    Structure: Full-time.

    Location: Remote (working from home), but within a commutable distance to London. We will be organising a lot of in-person events here (including our training sessions) and it’s important for you to be present in person.

    Time commitment: This is a full-time role, however, we might also consider a part-time arrangement. It’s a regular 35-hour week, but you can decide your own schedule as long as it’s been agreed with the team and you’re there for core meetings and events. Some of our events take place outside of regular working hours (e.g. 7pm-9pm) so we will need flexibility on your side.

    Salary: £20,000-£26,000 per year. At the higher end of the range, we’d expect that you have some prior experience.

    Other: 25 holiday days, training budget.

    Interview process:

    • Submit your application.

    • We’ll review it and get back to you within the next 5 working days to let you know if we think you’re a good fit for the role.

    • We’ll then ask you to complete a timed task for us. It will take up to 45 minutes of your time.

    • If you have successfully completed the task and your answers are what we’re looking for, we’ll arrange the first interview with one of the founders and the Community Organiser.

    • If you successfully pass the first interview, your final interview will be with the other two founders.

    • We will aim to complete the above process within 1-2 weeks (also depending on your schedule). We’re looking to complete hiring for this role by late April.

    What's it like to work at Operations Nation?

    • We're a fully remote team: the founders are based in London (although they travel frequently), and the rest of the team is in Hungary, Switzerland, Lithuania, and Ukraine. No matter where you are, we'll make sure to really make you feel a part of our team.

    • You'll be working directly with founders and always have the whole team at the reach of your hand if you need anything.

    • We focus on results and don't count the hours spent working, therefore the working schedule is flexible.

    • You'll have a training budget for books, classes, courses, etc. We'll also make introductions to others in your trade so that you can get mentorship. We want you to keep learning.

    Proud member of the Disability Confident employer scheme
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