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Photo to Watercolour SaaS/Ecommerce at FotoArtist

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Thank you for your interest. A little background about this business. For over 20 years I create 
and market Photoshop plugins that create stunning photo effects very quickly. My recent photo to watercolour effect has been very popoular with consumers, freelancers, advertising companies and other B2B and D2C. Please review some of the effects that can be created automatically with my custom Photoshop plugin,

There are of course many photo to watercolour effects available on Etsy etc,
but the quality is appalling. My complex Photoshop plugin produces a beautiful and realistic
watercolour art from a photo and it can be sold very cost effectively for B2B, NFT
and D2C.

I see several ways that this art can be commercialized. As an Ecommerce site in which
consumers and B2B put in their photos and receive a watercolou art for a price.
As well as SaaS in which B2B pay a monthly fee depending on how many photo to
watercolour images they process every month.

Photo Gifting
Photo Gifting is a massive worldwide business so I see immedaite B2B customers in the photo gifting business. The SaaS business model would work perfectly for that.

I'm looking for someone who can implement either an Ecommerce website and/or a SaaS
platform along with marketing expertise so we can start selling this. A driven person who
has a can do attitude and get's things done. This would be a 50/50 equity arrangement.

Social Media Marketing Guru
There is a huge market for this for D2C. I think consumers would happily pay $19.95 for their photos turned into stunning watercolor art. If you agree with me, let's talk.

I look forward to hearing from you and your ideas for this business,

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