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Co-Founder for a Condiments-based Start-Up at CABRUM

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  • London
  • parttime
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  • With Cabrum I strive to celebrate and share the culture of the Canary Islands, creating products that evoke a sense of shared experiences between our customers and the human(s) behind the brand.

    I believe that what I feel when I'm having a family meal and a cerveza in the Canaries is identical to what you would feel having a roast and a pint with your family in Britain. I want our products and brand to be a conduit to share that connection.

    If this sounds exciting, just wait until we discuss the future! Starting with condiments is just the beginning. I have some very exciting plans to move into the spirits sector, however, staying respectful of our mission remains paramount.

    The Ideal Co-Founder

    - Experience in Hospitality, both as a chef and in commercial roles (particularly marketing and content creation).  

    - Dedicated and eager to work (expect crazy hours at the beginning with a strong focus in having fun whilst we grow and learn.)

    - A moderate risk-taker who thrives on executing projects.


    - Everything I'm afraid – but we will share that burden! 🙂


    - Becoming a founder in an exciting startup – choosing your own responsibilities based on individual motivations and business needs.

    - Equity-based to start

    - The steepest learning curve we'll ever experience! 

    - As many perks as necessary to build a happy and empowered team.

    Cabrum already has a couple of stockists and will start operations around June. 

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