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Co-founder and Chief Sales/Marketing Officer at Well Adapt

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  • Co-founder & Chief Sales/Marketing Officer at Well Adapt

    • 5 hours p/w +

    ⭐ Our Vision

    Our vision is to empower people with chronic health conditions to build a life they love living.

    ❗ The Problems

    • Online mental health resources are not focused on the unique issues people with chronic health conditions face such as managing symptom flare-ups and adapting to new physical limitations.
    • Most online resources lack even basic accessibility features like closed captions and transcripts.
    • Advice is often able-bodied centred. Suggestions are made like ‘try yoga’ while providing no details of how somebody with chronic fatigue and pain might actually manage to do yoga.

    💡 Our Solution

    We are building a website and app that offers mental health and physical exercise courses created for and by people with chronic health conditions. Users will be able to: 

    • Access mental health courses focused on issues faced by people with chronic conditions e.g. losing independence.
    • Access fitness courses with a wide range of adaptations for different disabilities.
    • Take a personalisation quiz to select formats and any physical adaptations they might need to access courses.

    The courses we build will be selected, user tested and built by disabled and chronically-ill community members to ensure relevance and maximal impact.

    📈 Our Progress

    To date, we have:

    • Conducted user & market research.
    • Raised £25,500 in grant funding from UnLtd & Innovate UK.
    • Won a silver AXA start-up award.
    • Built the website and CMS.
    • Launched our MVP mindfulness short-course on building emotional resilience against symptom flare-ups.
    • Obtained first 13 sign-ups (including 3 course paid purchases).
    • Preparing to raise a pre-seed round after more customer traction can be demonstrated.

     ðŸ‘¥ About the Team


    (CEO / Product / People / Funding)

    • Based in London, England.
    • Previous head of product in EdTech, scaled the department 6x in 3 years.
    • Spent the last 10 years working in a variety of education start-ups in a variety of roles from teaching to community management to product.
    • MSci in brain, behaviour & cognition and chemistry from UCL, qualified meditation teacher and pole fitness instructor.
    • Performer and artist speaking about issues of disability, race, gender and sexuality.
    • Founded the company based on personal experience of Multiple Sclerosis and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome.


    (CTO / Technical Advisor)

    • Based in London, England. 
    • 10+ years experience in tech, covering full stack development and engineering management.
    • Previously responsible for product development that brought in over £1 million in revenue in 1 year.
    • Gamer goblin and anime nerd.

     ðŸ§© Who we’re looking for:

    We’re looking for somebody with lived experience of a disability or chronic health condition who can build and connect with the community we aim to serve. You will take the lead on the top of the sales funnel; finding and connecting with B2C and B2B leads, creating ads and running our social media channels. 

    Essential Skills

    • Lived experience of a disability or chronic health condition.
    • Passionate commitment to the goal of empowering people with chronic health conditions to build a life they love living; both for customers and future employees.
    • Experience in sales and lead generation, preferably in both B2B and B2C contexts.
    • Experience in community building, bonus points if it’s with a marginalised group.  
    • Social media management experience.
    • Has the right to work in the UK
    • Ability to work at least 5 hours/week. 
    • Willing to contribute to quality control checks of the product when new features are added.
    • Willing to work for equity until we raise investment.  
    • Willing to share equity with all employees in the long term; we would like everybody who works for Well Adapt to have some equity stake in the company. How this works is definitely up for discussion but at the moment one idea is to have 15% ownership in an employee trust.


    • Understanding of intersectionality.
    • Start-up experience.
    • Wordpress or basic coding skills; this will help with interacting with the current website.
    • Ability to work at least 10 hours + per week. 
    • Ability to contribute some money. 
    • Able to travel to London for regular meetings; this could be monthly or quarterly depending on where you live and your ability to travel. It's nice but definitely not essential, particularly if travelling causes accessibility or care-responsibility issues.
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