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Senior Product Designer at HealthKey

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  • London
  • fulltime
  • ₤60,000 a year
  • -
  • What’s it like to work here?

    It’s a bit early to talk about our culture, but we have a set of principles, that we’re holding each other accountable for:

    • Be empathetic: both with our users and with each other.
    • Wholeness: we will embrace you for who you are, so there’s no need for a work self.
    • We like to come up with solutions, not problems.
    • Move fast, even if it sometimes breaks things.
    • The better the diversity of people around the table, the better the solution we come up with.

    We’re aiming to build a calm, low-distraction environment where you can do your best work. You’ll have fewer meetings, hardly any email, and far fewer interruptions than you’re used to. 8-hour days and 40-hour weeks are plenty of time to do great work, so that’s all we expect. And even though we’re happy for you to work from anywhere, we do believe that there’s a special type of magic that happens when people get together, so we are hoping you wouldn’t mind popping by the office every now and then.

    Who are we looking for?

    At HealthKey, we recognise the importance of getting the design and the UX of our platform right, and we want to start as early as possible. We're looking for a T-shaped type product designer, that can help us define our brand, as well as make sure we're building the best experience for our users.

    Given our current stage, we’re particularly looking for self-starters, and people that can take an idea and run with it. Also, if you consider yourself an eager learner, a conscientious worker, and a thoughtful, kind, supportive human, you might just have a home here.

    We don’t place independent value on where you come from, where you live, where you worked before, where you went to school if you graduated or dropped out, or how well you did or didn’t do. We care about who you are today, how you’ll be tomorrow, and what you’re able to do now.

    What you should bring to the table?

    • You’ve led the design/UX of world-class product launches in a fast-growing company before.
    • You understand that good design and good UX are not about trends but are built on top of principles and tradeoffs. You make well-reasoned design decisions, always advocating for the best possible user experience.
    • You’re passionate about inclusive design and accessibility, and you’ll design with all our users in mind.
    • You care about the UI design details but are also comfortable zooming out, seeing the broader picture and connecting the dots to create a cohesive overall experience.

    What’s in it for you?

    We’re quite at an early stage, so we haven’t ironed out all the details, but we think we’ve captured the most relevant information. And if you’re interested in something that’s not on the list, don’t hesitate to ask us.

    • Compensation: as one of our first hires, we’ll offer you equity in HealthKey. We’re also aware that might allow you to buy a house in a few years' time but won’t pay the bills until then, so we’re looking to offer you a salary of around £60,000.
    • We want you to have the freedom to work from anywhere, but we also value the times we’re together in the office. We don’t need people to come to the office every day, but we also think that it might be difficult to build something together if you’re too far away.
    • We believe in flexible working hours and trust you to work enough hours to do your job well, at times that suit you and your team. 
    • We value time off, so everyone at HealthKey gets unlimited time off. We know unlimited sounds better on paper than in practice, so if you struggle to take time off, we will kindly ask you to close your laptop, at least 25 days a year.
    • A HealthKey budget: what better way to help us build this amazing platform, other than being a user yourself?


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