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Startup Founder / Entrepreneur in Residence at Underdog Accelerator

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  • We help anyone build their dream startup.


    Learn from focused experts and launch fast, part-time!


    About Underdog

    We are a free (pay by action) startup accelerator for budding startup founders.


    Have you ever dreamed of starting your own business? This is the programme for you!


    Underdog's programme is designed to help first-time and experienced entrepreneurs develop their business ideas and bring them to life.


    The program is taught remotely by industry professionals and has a community, where participants can connect with like-minded founders and get feedback on their progress.


    Learn more:


    About the Programme


    Systematically work your way through our 10 module Catapult course and launch a validated startup idea in 90 days or sooner.


    So many entrepreneurs focus on the wrong things at the wrong time. 97% of startups will fail in their very first year (with some never even getting off the ground).


    We have developed this course to take you step-by-step on the journey to success. This is not a silver bullet, but it is based on our collective 20+ years of experience founding, investing in and working with hundreds of startups.


    Join the scores of other founders going through the Catapult accelerator programme. If successful, you will become part of the elite group of successful graduates invited to our Launchpad programme where we guide you in building a VC-backable business.


    What’s the Time Commitment?


    The programme can be taken part-time, whether you are time poor or time rich.


    There will be modular workshops and assessments. The more time you commit, the more you'll get out of the programme. But you can get started in as little as a few hours a week.


    Am I Eligible?


    We believe that everyone has the ability to be world class at something. It’s just a case of finding your ‘spike’ or superpower.


    We have worked with plenty of multi-time founders and first-time entrepreneurs alike.


    The programme is for you if you have a specific idea you are already working on, many ideas you are considering, or no ideas at all (yet…)!


    Absolutely anyone can join the programme. Simply jump straight in at the deep end and prove your abilities by action, not by lengthy applications and interviews.


    Learn more:


    What is Covered?


    Our Catapult pre-accelerator is designed to take you from day 0 (idea / no idea) through to a validated business idea.


    We have helped hundreds of founders prepare to launch their businesses within as little as 90 days.


    The programme will cover a wide range of topics including:

    - Idea validation

    - Business planning

    - Lean testing

    - Customer acquisition

    and more.


    Why are we Doing This?


    First off, we are probably a little bit crazy…! But we do genuinely love startups and believe that founders have the ability to positively impact the world.


    We are not short-sighted. Our goal is to work with awesome people on impactful things and, in the long run, to reap the financial rewards of doing brilliant work.


    We are also building a venture fund to invest in the promising startups of the future. We hope to be able to identify some of you via the programme.


    Will I be Paid?


    We do not offer a stipend or any payment for taking part in the programme.


    Select graduates will receive an offer of a small but meaningful investment from the Underdog team.


    The initial investment will be in the region of £5,000 for 3% of your new business. Think of a friends & family round - we invest early!


    Note - there will be no obligation to accept any offer of investment.


    The course itself is totally free, with no strings attached - comparable courses cost thousands, so you are getting immediate value.


    Learn more:


    What’s the Catch?


    This is not a sit back and relax course.


    You mustbe willing to jump in feet first and work through the tasks aligned with each module.


    We do not ask for cash payment, but we do ask for payment by action.




    Get started right away by joining the Underdog programme and completing the first module:


    Learn more:


    If you have any further questions, feel free to message a member of the Underdog team on the platform.

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