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Co-founder (Executive or Operations) at Hard Stuff

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  • London
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  • We envision a world with a stable and safe climate, without plastic in our oceans, with nature thriving, without hunger, and where everyone everywhere is safe. We know how far away from that world we are today, and how all this stuff, this really really hard stuff, requires hard work and hardware game-changers. Humanity needs thesenew hardware companies to solve the real problems we're facing. And at Hard Stuff we need someone to help us get this crazy new venture off the ground!

    We're looking for a ballsy, crazy, no-bullsh#t, let's-fix-some-stuff type of co-founder to help launch this new part startup-studio / part technical-services company. You'll come in as the top-brass on day-one, working extremely closely with the current co-founder, and we'll all be building this together. What we've got is a crack team of technical innovators with some great industry connections, including a limited VC network, but what we're lacking is executive direction, marketing/messaging, and day-to-day operations. As such, you'll need to be comfortable being a jack-of-all-trades, driven by the vision, and thinking outside the box! Reckon that's you?

    Note: we're the type of people to put a middle-finger up to red tape and pompous heirarchies. We will never have a "CEO", instead opting for an Operations + Vision + Technical mix. So as a co-founder, you'll come in on an equal-footing on day one, and we'll build this side-by-side.

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