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Game Dev at Noble Banana

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  • About Noble Banana's vision:

    Noble Banana will focuse on the exciting potential of augmented reality gaming. As AR technology advances and becomes more ubiquitous, I believe new interactive worlds and experiences are possible by blending digital elements into the player's physical surroundings.

    At Noble Banana, my vision is to create immersive and social AR games that are as fun as they are groundbreaking. I aim to find and collaborate with talented developers and designers who can bring imaginative AR game concepts to life.

    While still an emerging space, I see tremendous untapped opportunities in AR gaming. By bringing together creative gaming visionaries, I hope Noble Banana can define the next evolution of interactive entertainment. My goal is to establish the studio as a leader in producing AAA-quality AR titles appealing to both hardcore gamers and casual audiences.

    As AR headsets and glasses become mainstream in the coming years, Noble Banana intends to be at the forefront with innovative game ideas tailored to this platform. I humbly invite you to join me on this journey as we work to pioneer the future of gaming. The possibilities of AR are vast, and Noble Banana aims to push the boundaries of what's possible.

    Though the road ahead is challenging, I am inspired by the potential to create entirely new gaming experiences yet to be imagined. With passion and perseverance, I believe Noble Banana can contribute to establishing a new era in interactive entertainment.

    About me:

    I am a seasoned Product Manager with a passion for game creation. My background includes extensive experience in product management across various stages of business growth, from pre and post-investment start-ups to scale-ups and multinational corporations. I possess a strong business acumen and have successfully conceptualised and launched products that resonated with millions of users, contributing tens of millions to company revenues.

    In addition to my product management career, I've also pursued my hobby of game creation. I've developed two card games and one board game, although I have yet to venture into selling them. Currently, I'm excited to dive into the world of augmented reality (AR) games. This game category is not only immensely enjoyable for me but also surprisingly underserved in the market. I've came up an AR game idea that I believe has exceptional entertainment value, is fairly simple to development, and highly marketable.

    About you:

    If you have experience using Unity and/or 8th Wall (or any other platform that is suitable for AR game creation), I invite you to share your CV. Let's connect and discuss how we can collaborate on bringing this exciting AR game project to life.

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