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Community Manager Wimbledon at Mainyard Studios

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  • London
  • fulltime
  • ₤28,000 - ₤31,000 a year
  • -
  • Community Manager in Wimbledon





    We are opening up to someone who is switched on, sociable, productive, organised, resilient, curious and wants to contribute to how a team and company can continually grow.

    Someone who is a leader in their own right. Someone willing to stretch themselves to exceed expectations and help others do the same.

    We like to work with people who can problem-solve, get stuff done, don’t take themselves too seriously and can easily find joy in the ups and the challenges of daily life.

    Someone who is looking for real-life business experience that could set you up to be an amazing entrepreneur or business owner in your own right.



    Our Mission:

    We provide the best workspaces for creative professionals in London because every entrepreneur deserves a professional place at an affordable price to build a life changing business.

    Our Elevator Story Pitch (for our customers):

    Most entrepreneurs struggle and feel lonely on their journey with no one to share ideas and challenges. On top of that London’s workspaces come at a huge cost for small businesses with no cash to spare. As a result, more than 65% of businesses fail within 3 years.

    At Mainyard Studios, we make it our mission to create the best value workspaces for creative professionals. Here you’ll be able to focus on your business and find the help you need because you’ll be part of a tribe ofbusiness owners on the same path, and you won’t break your bank on the rent.

    When you join us, you won’t be alone anymore you’ll be part of an amazing community that will give you all thesupport you need to be the success you deserve.


    So hopefully you get it, the Mainyard Studios team wake up every morning to help business owners save money, focus their time, connect daily with other business owners and grow their companies.

    We make it our business to deliver the best value coworking spaces, private offices, music studios, podcast studios and maker-spaces by creating environments that support productivity, by striving to offer the most affordable rents compared to other multi-site workspace providers and by getting to know all of the people in our spaces so that we can connect them with others and resources to help them grow.

    We started in 2012, when co-founders Remi & Tori took over a derelict factory near their home in Hackney Wick, East London. They worked 2 jobs and threw parties in the space to raise capital. They worked all available hours, day or night doing most of the building work themselves with upcycled and scavenged materials to transform the unloved building into a place where an entrepreneurial community could thrive.

    Now in 2022, Mainyard Studios is a growing affordable workspace provider and home to 450+ businesses from multiple industries housed in the various coworking spaces, offices, music studios, and maker spaces in 12 sites spread across 6 London boroughs.


    Our Team’s Key Characteristics:
    1. Focused on Growth - In business, we are profit minded because if we don’t think about the bottom line, everything fall apart. Personally, we strive for continuous self-improvement.
    2. Unshakable Character: Character isn't something you were born with and can't change, like your fingerprints. It's something you must take responsibility for forming.
    3. Result Driven - We know the right work to do and we give it our best. We focus on what matters to make a difference and help each other succeed.

    Critical Actions:
    1. We Learn: we are constantly learning about business and how to optimise because it adds value to ourselves, to the company and to the interactions we have with our residents
    2. We Connect: Every day, make the effort to acknowledge residents and help them connect with the people they need to grow
    3. We make great first impression: we (everyone in the MYS team) keep ours space photo ready at all time, even the places that are not always seen

    On Top Of those we believe in:
    · Humour – We work hard however we don’t take ourselves too seriously! Getting offended and taking things too personally is a waste of time. Let's focus on how to make progress.
    · Collaboration over Competition - There are always opportunities to connect with others and grow together. Share what you know. Help others to do the same.
    · Progress over perfection - Stay curious, ask questions and take action! Challenge the status quo to show you are participating in life.
    · Leadership - Every member of the Mainyard Team must be a Leader in their own right. Care for the well-being and growth of the company as if it is your own. Take responsibility even when no one is around to see you do it.
    · No drama - Because life is too short not to find peace, joy and to knuckle down and problem solve!

    As you might have gathered, we are fanatical about personal development and believe that it is integral to achieving desired outcomes in life.

    • Everybody who joins our team joins our monthly Tony Robbin's team coaching sessions that are going onuntil June and helps us understand ourselves, one another and communicate better. As well as an annual personal development retreat.
    • Everybody has a say in how we run and grow the company and the more involved you are, the more yourideas will impact the company’s growth. Once a year everyone is invited to the annual review where we take 2 days for high level strategic growth plans. We also meet weekly to check on progress.
    • You need to show that you are committed to your own personal development through the books you read, the podcasts you listen to and events you attend and recommend to others.

    We are still in a kind of 'Start-Up' mode due to the velocity at which we have scaled in the last 4 years and how lean we operate.


    Requirements: You need to be …

    • Willing and able to be the leader/owner of the workspace you manage as if it is your own.
    • Not scared to get your hand dirty 
    • An enthusiastic problem solver with a flair for community outreach and customer service.
    • Confident in managing multiple buildings, liaising with residents, the maintenance team and management.
    • Able to deal with last-minute requests and tasks in a calm and sensible manner and have an extraordinary attitude.
    • A time management master and able to juggle multiple requests with amazing task prioritisation.
    • Customer service and sales experience required.
    • Project management and business operations experience required.
    • Must have strong verbal and written communication skills.
    • Passion and understanding for entrepreneurial communities.
    • Committed and Loyal - We will bend over backwards to help you develop and grow and expect the samelevel of commitment from you
    • Absolute Rockstar in productivity
    • An all-around cool person who is willing and able to be excellent to everyone.


    • Maintaining and responding to the relevant Mainyard Studios enquiries inbox
    • Consistently fulfilling Key Performance Indicators relating to admin, Sales & Occupancy, building management, Community and self development.
    • Bringing in new business through multiple, relevant marketing channels including word of mouth, local and digital outreach and partnership building.
    • Handling all member enquiries and requests in a timely fashion.
    • Liaising with the company handyman to schedule and facilitate maintenance works.
    • Communicating regularly with members of any scheduled building works, issues or notifications.
    • Know each member – what they do, what are their challenges and joys, what they are looking for out of theirtime at Mainyard Studios and to cultivate serendipity and knowledge sharing based on this
    • Foster community and Make connections among members
    • Plan, promote and host weekly/monthly/quarterly/annual events for members (happy hour, lunch and learn,etc.)
    • Collaborate with the Mainyard Studios team and community with sourcing content for social media and the website
    • Staying on top of LTO (rental contract) end dates and renewals
    • Liaising with finance to update on member LTOs (contracts), finances and rental payments
    • Maintaining and updating the SOPs with the Mainyard Studios team.
    • Providing reports/data to give an overview of Key Performance metrics
    • Keeping up to date with admin duties (sending out invoices/contracts/notices)
    • Ordering weekly consumables for your workspace(s) within the prescribed budget.
    • Manage budget ensuring adherence to revenue and expenditure KPIs.
    • Maintaining a set % member occupancy of your building(s)
    • Taking full responsibility for the experiences you have within the company and the interactions you have withstaff and community members.
    • Spreading joy and getting stuff done.

    Both are great places to be based because, of the variety of shops, eateries and great transport links located within a short distance. Also designated Creative Enterprise Zone with hundreds of creative entrepreneurs and is right on the edge of the Olympic Park

    🤩 Why Should You Apply? 🤩

    • If you like to see the impact of your efforts and energy, this is the place for you! On the flip side, your effortand energy directly impacts the business so if you do not like to or cannot create and implement things, pleasedo not apply. It will be part of your job to co-create and apply the structure.
    • You’ll have a real chance to make a difference in the growth of a company with your input.
    • Mainyard Studios is an excellent vehicle to effect positive change in a wider sense as well as nurturing thegrowth and development of our community.
    • You will be in charge of your own building(s) and development of that community and business growth of thatspace (*working within the parameters of the Mainyard brand that you help to shape!)
    • Opportunity to progress as the company grows. We all wear many hats for now however, in the near future, we will be able to fill dedicated roles and the people contributing to the business in tangible ways will have the chance to develop roles that suit their own strengths and goals.
    • Monthly staff party such as go karting, axe throwing, ping pong competition, The cauldron, the Crystal Maze always followed by a dinner 
    • And the best for the last: our team is made of AMAZING human beings and we would love you to be part of the family! 

    Mainyard Studios takes your personal data protection seriously and respects EU and local data protection laws. Unless you express otherwise, by submitting your CV you authorise Mainyard Studios to store your personal data in its electronic database, for the purpose of assessing your suitability for this and future job vacancies.

    If at any time you want your personal data to be deleted, you simply need to notify Mainyard Studios. We will not share your personal data with any third party without your prior consent. Mainyard Studios is committed to equal opportunities for all candidates.

    Salary is £28,000.00-£31,000.00 per year

    Working hours: Monday to Thursady 9am to 6pm and Friday 9am to 5pm, 1h lunch break. Bank holidays and xmas break paid holidays

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