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CTO to build MVP /validate /iterate /launch at MURO -

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  • Creative marketing CEO looking for CTO to help validate concepts with a view to building MVP to test.


    I launched my first venture and product on Kickstarter in 2017, which went on to win a RedDot Award and get investment from WeWork and is soon to be re-launched by an actual toy company - so I’m looking for something to do…


    I’ve got some ideas to kick around in the Wellness/Coaching and eComm spaces.  Maybe you have some too?


    Experienced with product management in web/ecomm, UX, martech and I have been watching the AI space since it blew up…


    If you're interested and have the skills to make quick and dirty products then let’s have a chat.  Send a brief intro if you are interested in working on a project, starting soon, be able to build great first iteration proof of concepts and interested in making it happen.


    If it looks like a good fit, I suggest a quick phone call the same day just to talk and see what’s what.



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