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Technical Co-Founder at Stealth Insurtech

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  • London
  • parttime

We are award winning serial fintech entrepreneurs, with a significant exit under our belts, looking to revive a previously successful home insurance startup which offers a revolutionary contents insurance concept. In it's previous incarnation, the business attracted £20M+ in VC investment, high profile strategic partnerships (such as with Munich Re,, and Once launched, the startup grew 100% MoM in revenues. Sadly the startup folded pursuant to the collapsing of our final funding round during the pandemic.

In looking to revive this startup, we are looking to overcome a critical scaling problem through object recognition / machine learning technology. Hence, we are looking for a Technical Co-Founder / CTO with specific expertise in these fields.  Once we have established a credible co-founding team, our pre-existing VC and angel investor network can be leveraged to raise financing relatively quickly. It is further expected that previous strategic partnerships can also be revived. 

This is a huge opportunity to work with experienced and successful entrepreneurs to quickly build a high value insurtech, and to financially share in the growth and success of the startup. As our technical co-founder / CTO, you will be given a material slice of equity in the business. Once we have rapidly raised financing, competitive pay and other benefits will follow.


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