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Technical Co-Founder at New Company at stealth

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  • London
  • parttime

We are actively seeking a visionary technical partner to bring our innovative idea to life. In our pursuit of this endeavour, we place a premium on trustworthiness and expertise.

Who We're Looking For: Ideally, we're in search of an individual with a robust background in software delivery, ideally having held leadership roles in both start-up and corporate environments. We need someone who can undertake the challenge of building a B2C app from the ground up. Our venture seamlessly merges the worlds of video editing, Video on Demand, and social media principles, making prior experience in these domains highly desirable.

Your Role: We are not looking to outsource this to external agencies; rather, we need a technical co-founder who is willing to roll up their sleeves and embark on this journey alongside us. This entails developing the app from day one. You will be the driving force behind writing code, assembling the tech stack, and strategically integrating existing solutions where relevant.

Working Together: We understand that, especially in the early stages, this might need to be a side commitment. We are open to a flexible approach, including remote work and asynchronous communication, to accommodate your existing commitments.

Qualifications: While experience in B2C is appreciated, our primary requirement is deep expertise in the domains of video editing, Video on Demand, and social media. Your proficiency in these areas is paramount.

Financial Realities: Our resources are modest and earmarked mainly for hosting, storage, and marketing expenses. We operate with a clear understanding of our market and have begun shaping our revenue model. Angel investors are intrigued by the traction we can generate right from the outset.

If you are a forward-thinking technologist with a passion for innovation and the skills to bring our concept to fruition, we encourage you to connect with us. Together, we can chart a course toward success.

  • This is not a job post. It will likely be a side gig, and there is no pay/funding until it takes shape, or we can seek investment  (we have small amount of personal cash to fund initial launch).
  • Please send your CV. If you have a LinkedIn profile or a paragraph about your experience, that's also sufficient to begin a conversation. Again, this is not a job post.
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