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Founding Head of Research & Development at Muzes

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  • Job Overview:

    We are looking for an exceptional Head of Research and Development to lead the evolution of our innovative DESS (Dynamic Evaluation & Scoring System) Framework. This role encompasses leading both the research initiatives and practical application development of DESS, focusing heavily on crafting a comprehensive framework and steering our AI team in developing a language model specifically trained on DESS.

    About You:

    As a visionary and passionate innovator, you are excited about joining Muzes as a founding member and are ready to build a groundbreaking product from the ground up. At Muzes, we are committed to empowering businesses to make sustainable, data-driven decisions, and we need a leader who shares this vision. This role is for someone who is eager to significantly influence the B2B SaaS market, contributing their expertise to a startup environment.

    As a founding member of Muzes, you will not only bring your vast expertise but also help shape our company culture and future direction. This equity-only role offers the unique opportunity to be part of a pioneering venture and to own a part of the innovation you will drive. We seek someone who thrives in a dynamic startup environment and is motivated by the challenges and rewards of creating something entirely new.


    • Research Leadership: Lead comprehensive research to understand and identify innovation opportunities in current B2B transaction frameworks, especially in the SaaS sector.
    • Framework Development: Drive the development of the DESS framework, ensuring its robustness, scalability, and alignment with industry needs.
    • Collaboration with AI Team: Collaborate closely with the AI team to develop a language model that leverages DESS framework principles.
    • Academic Writing and Publication: Produce and publish scholarly papers, reports, and articles to promote and gain recognition for the DESS framework.
    • Stakeholder Engagement: Engage actively with industry experts, academic circles, and internal teams to gather insights and validate research and framework development.
    • Project Management: Oversee the entire DESS framework project lifecycle, from initial concept to full implementation.
    • Data Analysis and Modeling: Utilize advanced data analytics and modeling techniques to support the development of the framework and AI model.
    • Best Practices and Compliance: Ensure adherence to industry best practices and compliance with ethical guidelines and regulatory standards in both the DESS framework and AI model.
    • Innovation and Continuous Improvement: Stay updated with the latest AI and framework development trends to continuously innovate and enhance the DESS framework.


    • An advanced degree (Ph.D. preferred) in Business Administration, Computer Science, Data Science, AI, or related fields.
    • Extensive experience in research and development, particularly in framework development and AI applications.
    • A strong record of academic writing and publications.
    • A solid background in data science with experience in AI language models.
    • Exceptional leadership, communication, and project management skills.
    • A deep understanding of the B2B SaaS market and its transactional processes.

    Additional Skills:

    • Proficiency in statistical analysis software and tools for AI development.
    • The ability to simplify complex technical concepts for a wide range of audiences.
    • Experience in leading cross-functional teams and managing stakeholder relationships.

    Why Join Us:

    • Lead a pioneering project at the intersection of AI and business process innovation.
    • Be part of a dynamic, collaborative, and intellectually stimulating startup environment.
    • Play a significant role in shaping advanced methodologies for B2B transactions.
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