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(Business Partner) YouTube Channel Production, Editing, and Marketing at TBC

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  • Teddington
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Job Title: Co-Founder - YouTube Channel Production, Editing, and Marketing

Location: [Flexible - Remote]

About Us:

We are a budding YouTube channel with a passion for delivering highly engaging and valuable content to our audience. Our channel focuses on comedy entertainment, so you will ideally have to have a good sense of humour and strong ribs (I kid you not), With an experienced and talented founder leading the way, we're poised for exponential growth and are seeking a dedicated co-founder to join us on this exciting journey.

Role Overview:

As the Co-Founder responsible for YouTube Channel Production, Editing, and Marketing, you role will be pivotal, and a role that will be lots of fun and you will learn a ton.

In elevating our content and expanding our reach. You will collaborate closely with the founder to bring our vision to life and drive the channel's success. The founder has started a number of businesses in the past, so knows exactly what to do with the content and the framework of the business, and more importantly really understands the commercial and legal side of the business.

Key Responsibilities:


Conceptualise, plan, and execute video shoots, ensuring high-quality audio and video recording.

Manage equipment, props, and any necessary resources for production. (these can be supplied or even better if you have your own equipment you like to use)


Edit video footage to create compelling, polished content that aligns with our brand and resonates with our audience.

Incorporate graphics, music, and other elements to enhance the visual appeal and storytelling of our videos.

Ensure timely delivery of edited videos according to content schedule.

Ps looking to produce 1 x 5 min video a week - to start in month 1-3 then 2 x 5 minute videos month 3-6. then month 6 onwards 3 x 5 minute video's a week and thats it going forward. 3 x 5 minute videos a week.


Develop and implement marketing strategies to increase channel visibility, engagement, and subscriber growth.

Utilize SEO techniques, social media platforms, and other marketing channels to promote our content effectively.

Analyze data and metrics to track channel performance and optimize marketing efforts.


Work closely with the founder to align content production and marketing strategies with overall channel goals and objectives.

Communicate effectively and contribute ideas to continuously improve our content and channel growth strategies.


Proven experience in video production, editing, and marketing, preferably within the YouTube or digital content creation space.

Proficiency in video editing software (e.g., Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, etc.) and familiarity with audio editing tools.

Strong creative vision and storytelling skills, with an eye for detail and aesthetics.

Excellent communication and collaboration skills, with the ability to work effectively in a team environment.

Knowledge of YouTube analytics and SEO best practices is a plus.

Passion for our channel's content niche and a desire to contribute to its success.


Opportunity to be a co-founder of an exciting YouTube channel poised for growth.

Flexible remote work arrangement.

Equity and ownership in the business.

Chance to collaborate with a talented and passionate small team.

If you're passionate about video production, editing, and marketing, and are excited about the opportunity to co-found a YouTube channel with tremendous potential, we'd love to hear from you! Please submit your CV, portfolio (if available), no cover letter is necessarily required - AI can write them now in 10 seconds, so to me its not necessary. If you already have one then fine, you might as well send it.

Its more important that you have the right skills, experience and talent, as this channel is going to be very successful, very quick!

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