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E-Commerce Superstar at Stealth

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Looking for E-Commerce Superstar!

What's the Gig? We're cooking up a new e-commerce marketplace that's going to shake things up! Sure, there are some players out there, but we know we can do it better. We've got a killer idea and a solid (but needs some tweaking) business model. Now, we need someone like you to bring it to life! Ideal is an investment banking background. Key attribute is a driver, can help us move this from zero-to-one. This isn’t a niche idea so it’s ideal if you want something big.

Who Are You?

• Fundraising Pro: You've got the Midas touch when it comes to raising funds or exiting fintech ventures.

• Pre-Seed Wizard: You've been in the trenches, raising pre-seed funds, charming angel investors, and getting those early-stage VCs excited.

• Investor Connections: Your contact list is a who's who of investors who are itching to back the next big thing in fintech.

• Investment Banking Savvy: You know your way around financial markets and deal structuring like the back of your hand.

• Pitch Master: You can whip up a pitch deck that's as sharp as a tack and make investors sit up and take notice.

• Investor Whisperer: You're a pro at managing investor relationships from start to finish.

• Alternative Financing Guru: Crowdfunding, peer-to-peer lending – you know all the cool ways to raise funds and aren't afraid to use them.

Got the Time?

• Tell us how much you can commit each week.

• Be ready to dive in and hustle every single day.

What's the Plan?

• Fix the Financial Model: Give our financial model a makeover.

• Build the Financing Plan: Map out how we're going to get the moolah.

• Find the Gaps: Figure out what's missing and plug those holes.

• Start Fundraising: Tap into your network and get those dollars rolling in.

• Execute: Stick to the plan and keep pushing forward.

Who Fits the Bill?

• You're outgoing, a great networker, and have a serious mindset but can also kick back and enjoy a laugh.

• You’re committed, focused, and ready to see this through.

• You mesh well with a research-oriented partner like me.

The Role:

• This gig is flexible – you could end up wearing many hats, maybe even the CEO's.

• We'll figure out who does what and make sure we're on the same page.

Our Vibe:

• Innovative and Inclusive: We're all about those Gen Z vibes – fresh, inclusive, and always thinking ahead.

• Modern and Flexible: Forget the old-school way of doing things; we're creating a dynamic, flexible workspace.

• Cash-First Ideas: We love ideas that bring in the dough, not just warm fuzzy feelings.

• Fun and Collaborative: We work hard, but we love a good laugh too.

• Smart Decisions: We make decisions based on solid logic and data.

Join Us! Ready to be part of something big? Let's chat and see how we can make history together.

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