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Research Scientist - Causal AI at causaLens

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  • causaLens is the pioneer of Causal AI — a giant leap in machine intelligence.

    We are on a mission to build truly intelligent machines, machines that truly understand cause and effect— it’s hard but super fun! If you want to build the future and are looking for a place that values your curiosity and ambition, then causaLens is the right place for you. Everything we do is at the forefront of technological advancements, and we are always on the lookout for people to join us whose skills and passion tower above the rest.

    Since the company was established in 2017, causaLens has:

    🥳Launched decisionOS, the first and only enterprise decision making platform powered by Causal AI - here

    🚀Open sourced two of our internal tools and packages to support the open-source community, see Dara and Causal Graphs.

    🦄Raised $45 million in Series A funding
    🏆Been named a leading provider of Causal AI solutions by Gartner - here
    🚀Included in Otta’s 2022 Rocket List as one of the fastest-growing companies to launch your career

    At causaLens we are building the world's most advanced Causal AI powered decision intelligence platform for Data Scientists. The platform leverages state of the art Causal AI algorithms and models to empower data scientists and decision-makers to go beyond correlation-based predictions and have a real impact on the most important decisions for the business. Our platform is trusted and used by data science teams in leading organizations and provides real value across a wide variety of industries, and it's only the beginning.

    Our Mission

    To radically advance human decision-making.

    A world in which humans leverage trustworthy AI to solve the greatest challenges in the economy, society and healthcare.
    Head to our website homepage and watch the ‘Why Causal AI’ video to learn more.


    Join our team as a Research Scientist and immerse yourself in the forefront of causal AI research.

    As a key member of our dynamic team, you'll drive cutting-edge projects, develop core causal AI packages, and collaborate with expert colleagues to shape the future of the field. Enjoy autonomy over your work and make impactful contributions to groundbreaking research. If you're passionate about innovation, eager to push the boundaries of AI, and thrive in a collaborative environment and more importantly enjoy coding, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey towards shaping the future of AI.

    Apply now and be part of a team where your voice is heard, your ideas valued, and your expertise celebrated, making a lasting impact on the field.

    What we are looking for:

    Cutting-Edge Algorithm Development: Join a team focused on advancing causal AI through algorithmic innovation and software package development.

    Hands-On Coding: Expect to spend the majority of your time writing and optimising algorithms, and contributing to in-house or open-source code repositories.

    Collaborative Innovation: Work closely with a skilled team to design and implement innovative solutions, with opportunities to shape the direction of our research roadmap.

    Operational Excellence: Drive operational excellence by ensuring the smooth execution of research projects. Communicate effectively with stakeholders, manage expectations, and actively contribute to a culture of continuous improvement.

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