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Strategic Adviser Investors and Future C-Suite Leaders (CTO, COO, CFO, CCO, CMO, CIO) at SortMyCash

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  • Warrington
  • freelance
  • £1,000 - £30,000 a month
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  • Join Our Revolution in Normalising Financial Empowerment:

    Ready to be an integral force driving a revolutionary shift in how people manage their money, and reshape the landscape of consumer and financial services? Our journey with SortMyCash has already showcased remarkable growth, and we're excited to extend an invite to exceptional individuals who resonate with our mission and can provide financial support to our early operations. In return for a generous equity shareholding, you'll help bridge the gap to cash flow break-even within 12-18 months. We offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, both financially and ethically, to create a transformative platform that empowers individuals to take control of their financial well-being, starting in the UK, with global designs.

    1. 31% of the UK population believe there is nothing they can do to improve their financial situation
    2. 53% of UK adults do not feel confident managing their finances

    Our Mission: Founded on strategic innovation and societal betterment, our mission is to normalise sensible life and money management to the masses. The venture that succeeds in this mission, is destined to become one of the most prominent global brands in history. With our carefully designed strategy, 'outbehaving' ethos, elite visionary leaders and (currently assembling) team of world-renowned inspirational influencers, we have the foundations and blueprint to achieve the four key components for transformation within a self-sustaining model:

    1. Generate Awareness
    2. Educate and Empower
    3. Effective Enablement (Tools and Services)
    4. Trust and Rapport

    Current Market & Landscape: There isn’t an Amazon, Apple, Google or Netflix in the financial world. It is still predominantly run by archaic and divisive institutions tainted with a history of collusion, corruption and profit-centric motives. The people have lost faith in these entities, resulting in apathy and neglect that proves damaging to their financial well-being. Numerous statistics indicate that even current consumer-oriented businesses and comparison sites have struggled to consistently influence the masses. SortMyCash have the model to change this.

    About Us: We're not your ordinary startup – we're pioneering a comprehensive platform that integrates all of your key consumer and financial services, offering a one-stop shop with our meticulously selected premier provider for each area. Our key revenue stream, the driver of our growth, has exploded, with accrued revenues exceeding £30k per week, within weeks of launch. As we evolve, we aim to reshape the industry with a core of transparency, simplicity, and unparalleled customer service. Our commitment to 'outbehaving' the competition is our driving force and we have adopted a seamless approach, helping you to better manage all of your money needs throughout life: Recover - Save - Grow - Protect

    Sport Resonation: To connect with the masses, one part of our comprehensive strategy is to engage with people they admire and revere. With a team of elite co-owner ambassador sport stars, utilising their endorsement, influence and reach of tens of millions of followers, we're aiming to bridge the disconnect and become relatable to everyday individuals. If we can normalise sensible money management in sport, we can leverage their influence to transcend and convey our narrative to society at large.

    1. 40% of professional footballers are bankrupt within 5 years of retirement
    2. 78% of NFL players suffer financial distress or bankruptcy within 2 years of retirement
    3. 60% of NBA players suffer financial distress or bankruptcy within 5 years of retirement

    In The Workplace & B2B: Additionally, as we expand, we will collaborate with a diverse range of public and private institutions, educating them on the importance of enhancing their employees' financial well-being. We will innovate by offering employer backed incentives for employees to join SortMyCash, including rewards, discounts, empowerment tools and educational content. This approach, combined with our influencer ambassadors, significantly reduces our Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC). Ultimately, these relationships can also lay the foundation for future B2B service offerings.

    Employees suffering from financial stress:

    1. Are 13 times more likely to be unable to complete daily tasks
    2. Are 15 times more likely to suffer sleepless nights
    3. Average employee takes one sick day per year due to financial stress

    As we prepare to disrupt the life and money management landscape, we actively seek visionary investors with a keen eye for transformative, ethical disruption and the ability to help fund our initial growth. Thanks to our unparalleled key revenue stream, we are highly profitable and anticipate cash flow break-even within 12-18 months - equity purchases from £10,000. Our pitch deck is available upon request, with no obligation. Our goal is to assemble a cohesive advisory investment team that, if desired, can evolve into instrumental board members and key executives.

    While we have a strong team of visionaries already driving our operations, we continually seek exceptional talent who can accelerate our mission. Together, we strive to make a significant impact on people's lives, with our innovative platform supported by Open Banking and AI technology, we can empower society, demonstrating that sensible money management does not have to be complicated, nor time consuming.

    Career Opportunities: Our ideal investment advisory group members will include seasoned founders, Non-Executive Directors (NEDs), Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), Chief Operating Officers (COOs), Chief Technology Officers (CTOs), Chief Commercial Officers (CCOs), Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs), Chief Information Officers (CIOs), mentors, and strategic investors. We seek individuals with the experience and capability to scale infrastructure or revenue from the ground up.

    COO: Our future COO will be instrumental in fostering collaborative partnerships and driving operational efficiency and excellence. Experience in optimising processes, managing resources, and ensuring seamless execution will play a pivotal role in propelling us toward our ambitious goals.

    CFO: We're seeking a dynamic CFO who can guide our financial strategy to IPO. Your expertise in financial planning, risk management, and capital allocation will be integral to our success as we navigate the intricacies of our growth journey.

    CTO: We're seeking a visionary CTO who can architect and lead the development of our cutting-edge platform. Your technological acumen will be vital in driving our innovative solutions to success, including collaborating with design and user experience (UX) teams to ensure a seamless and user-friendly product. Candidates must develop an intrinsic understanding of Open Banking and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

    CCO: We're seeking a CCO pivotal to driving our commercial strategy and revenue growth. Your expertise in sales, business development, and market expansion will be crucial in identifying new opportunities, forming strategic partnerships, and ensuring our products meet market demands. Your leadership will help propel our business to new heights, fostering sustained growth and commercial success.

    CMO: We're seeking a visionary marketer to drive brand elevation, growth, customer journey optimisation, and strategic cross-selling across our diverse revenue streams. Working with our elite team of influencers, your role will be pivotal in conveying our narrative and crafting our journey toward a brighter future.

    CIO: We're looking for an innovative Chief Information Officer who can lead our IT strategy and infrastructure. Your role will be critical in ensuring that our technology systems are robust, secure, and scalable. With your guidance, we aim to harness the power of technology to drive efficiency, improve user experience, and support our strategic objectives. Your vision will be key in navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape and maintaining our competitive edge.

    General Advisers: We're particularly interested in individuals with proven expertise in scaling businesses and overcoming challenges across various industries, including FinTech and those with intricate customer interactions. Your insights and knowledge will provide invaluable guidance as we navigate the complex dynamics of these sectors. Possessing a network of industry and market contacts will be a significant advantage.

    Ready to Be Part of Something Big? If you're excited to help shape the future of SortMyCash and play a crucial role in our revolutionary journey, we'd love to hear from you. Reach out to us and share how your expertise complements our mission. If our visions align, we'll provide you with our pitch deck so you can learn more about our venture.

    Together, let's create a positive, brighter future for millions!

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