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2D Animator (UNPAID) at Mognito

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  • London
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  • **NOTE: This position is UNPAID with the possibility to move into full time when investment has been received. Also option to own equity.**

    We're a small start-up looking to launch their MVP very soon. All we can say without having signed a NDA is that we're building a learning app for adults. We're super excited about it and can't wait to meet you!

    What we’re looking for?

    We’re looking for a talented 2D illustrator/animator to join our Mognito creative team and bring a fun, engaging character to life through rigged animation for our mobile app.

    As the opportunity is remotely, we require a self-motivated team member, who is able to manage their own time effectively and push the quality of their work with a proactive approach. You'll have a keen eye for detail & quality, and communicate with others on the team across all disciplines to implement your animations as required.


    1. Able to create a character from scratch following specifications
    2. Create high-quality 2D character animations that are expressive, fluid, and on-brand for use in our mobile app
    3. Animate cycles such as walking, running, jumping, gesturing, emoting, etc. for the character
    4. Collaborate with the app development team to integrate animations seamlessly into the app
    5. Ensure animations are optimized for mobile performance and file size
    6. Stay up-to-date on the latest 2D animation tools, techniques and trends


    1. Strong understanding of character performance, acting, and anatomy
    2. Rigged animation proficiency
    3. Excellent drawing and artistic abilities
    4. Skills in industry-standard 2D animation software (e.g. After Effects, Toon Boom, Adobe Animate, etc)
    5. Ability to create animations on a timeline with proper spacing and timing
    6. Keen eye for detail and commitment to producing high-quality work
    7. Strong communication and collaboration skills
    8. Ability to work well under deadlines


    1. Digital Illustration
    2. Motion Graphics
    3. CSS Animation

    Also, these are some visual references of what we're ideally looking for our app (mini stories, simple avatar animation, etc):

    If you are a skilled animator passionate about breathing life into characters, please send us an email your CV and your animation reel/portfolio at

    Please note: When applying please acknowledge that you are aware that this is an unpaid position (for now - we're building an MVP).

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