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Sales / marketing co-founder at Emble

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  • London
  • parttime


I'm building an app that helps businesses get high quality video feedback from their users.

User research is hard, and often time consuming. You have to set up the sessions, get users to take part, run the sessions, and then analyse the feedback. Single groups of sessions can take tens of hours, and you might not even get any meaningful feedback!

Emble solves that by allowing businesses to create research, add tasks, and then send this research in a publicly accessible link directly to their user base. When the user opens the link, they can then record themselves completing tasks and the videos get saved to the businesses account. Finally, AI models analyse the videos, and produce automatically generated insights - saving the businesses hundreds of hours in time.

It's a potentially massive business, and I really think I can build something great with a co-founder.

I will be building the tech myself - so I'm looking for a non-technical co-founder to really lead on the sales and marketing. We'll need to do fantastically on SEO, so if you have SEO experience that's a big plus!

There won't be a formal interview process. If you're interested, drop me a message along with an answer to the following questions:

  1. How would you grow Emble's waiting list to 250 users?
  2. How would you acquire Emble's first 10 paying customers?
  3. Who do you think are Emble's target companies?

Then we can just have a quick video-call to introduce ourselves, and go from there!

Some final points:

  1. I'm ideally looking for someone based in the UK, preferably in London but can make elsewhere work for the right person!
  2. The v1 of the product is very nearly built (~1/2 weeks). I'd be happy to go through a demo with you for some initial thoughts / feedback!
  3. This business will be bootstrapped, and won't be raising VC. As a result, since it's pre-revenue, there won't be a salary. However once the product is running and earning money, I'm happy to split profits 50/50 with the successful co-founder!

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