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Chief Marketing Officer at LIFE

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  • LIFE is looking to bring on a Chief Marketing Officer to join the team as one of the founding partners. Working with the two current founders, you’ll be joining a startup at the ground level, creating and shaping the entire strategy of the business as you take charge of supercharging user acquisitions. Please note this is currently an equity-only role.

    The Company

    LIFE is the all-in-one workspace for entrepreneurs. An integrated, fully-equipped life management platform combining email, calendar, task management, daily routines, password storage and so much more, LIFE’s goal is to give entrepreneurs a single, place to manage everything they’d need in a working day.

    LIFE has just undergone its public launch, which means now’s the perfect time to come on board and take the product to the next level. You’ll be a key part of a small team, and have a chance to shape the future of the company as it grows.

    The Role

    LIFE’s CMO will be responsible for the growth of the platform’s most important asset – its users. Whilst both of LIFE’s current founders have marketing and sales experience, we’re looking for someone who really knows how to show the world that LIFE is the platform they should be working in. The CMO will take charge of LIFE’s content and advertising systems, working to increase the reach of the LIFE brand and ensure consistent user growth. You’ll be working in a close-knit team, but you’ll need to be comfortable independently developing, executing and analysing marketing strategies to find the best recipe for success and bold enough to bring new ideas to the table about how LIFE can improve and grow.

    The Person

    We’re looking for a creative, flexible partner that’s willing to work as hard as needed to ensure LIFE’s success. The CMO will be a full partner, with equity in the business, and we’re looking for someone who’ll take that opportunity and run with it. LIFE is an early-stages startup, with all the ups and downs that come with that; you’ll be joining a fast-paced environment where you’ll need to adapt on-the-fly to get the job done. In terms of skills, we’re looking for a co-founder who can bring these qualities to the table:


    ·        Content & Design Skills

    When we say we want someone to show LIFE to the world, we mean it literally; we’re looking for someone who’s as comfortable creating an eye-popping ad as they are crafting an Instagram reel. Content is key to LIFE’s success, and the CMO will be in charge of leading it from the front.

    ·        Brand-Building Experience

    When you’re building a business, creating a strong brand from the ground up is essential to future growth. Our ideal CMO understands what’s needed to secure LIFE a strong presence in a competitive market, and can put forward bold ideas and strategies to get LIFE on everyone’s lips.

    ·        Creativity & Adaptability

    Running a startup is a world where things can change drastically on a moment’s notice – to get the most out of the role and the company you’ll need to be able to look at a variety of different problems from equally variable angles, and be ready to develop and iterate new strategies rapidly and effectively.

    Nice To Have

    ·        Digital Advertising Experience

    Whilst it’s not an essential, the ideal CMO for LIFE will have past experience creating, operating and optimising digital advertising campaigns.

    ·        Fundraising Experience

    Whether it be connections, knowledge, or hands-on experience, being able to understand and contribute to the fundraising process as LIFE heads into its seed round will be desirable for a CMO.

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