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Co-Founder for Exclusive AI Art and Training at FotoArtist

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I hope you are doing well. Drawing upon over twenty years of expertise in digital imaging, graphic design, and the digital art/photography space, I have identified several large gaps in the market that we can fill to create a highly profitable business. 

Over the past year I've dedicated time to exploring the capabilities of the innovative art creation program, Midjourney AI, and I'm compelled to share that it represents a significant breakthrough in the realm of digital imaging. I invite you to peruse four galleries showcasing my creations:

• Pets:

• Custom Cars:

• Horses:

• Eclectic:

Gaps in the market - SaaS Platform for curated AI Art

If you look at art created on Etsy you will see that 90% of it is very poor quality. We will offer curated digital art created by handpicked artists who are experts in AI art, Photoshop and other programs.

Businesses large and small can purchase art as a one off purchase or a monthly subscription. The format would be similar to Shutterstock, users purchase credits that can be used to buy the use of photos for their business, or its cheaper to go on a monthly subscription where you get 50 downloads a month for whatever the charge will be.

Exclusive Art for Larger Companies

Larger companies will not want imagery that is resold millions of times, they will want exclusive art created only for their business. The art/photography will be for their exclusive use. We charge a premium for this of course.

Training Professionals via Webinars or Hands on Workshops

There are million s of graphic designers and other freelancers who would benefit by knowing how to

use Midjourney to get the most out of it. They can take a 2-hour class with me and save a huge amount of time

trying to learn it themselves. Often times you need to edit images from Midjourney further in Photoshop. I will teach them

all aspects of this. Training webinars are very cost effective.

Larger companies may want a hands-on workshop for their graphic design team.

Photo to Art Service B2C

The soccer mums can upload a photo of their kids, dogs etc and we turn it into a painting, drawing or other art. This can be

carried out using my Photoshop plugins in 5-minutes, and charge $19.95 per image, so its a good profit for us. Yes, there are many services that offer this, but once again, the quality is very poor.

Print on Demand (POD)

For B2C customers browsing our art, they can have it printed on any product. Or upload their own photo and have it printed as wall art, on coffee mugs, Smart Phone cases etc.

You will be the Co-Founder with large equity

I'm looking for a hands on business person who is as passionate about this business opportunity as I am. That means

reaching out to your network and helping in all aspects.


I highly recommend that you contact me through my LInkedin Profile. Emails is very unreliable and can go into Spam, or not come through at all:

I am excited about the prospect of discussing this opportunity with you further and exploring how we can collaborate for mutual success.

Warm regards,

Gavin Phillips

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