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  • London
  • fulltime
  • £60,000 - £80,000 a year

Location: UK (Hybrid)

Salary: £60,000 - £80,000 per annum

About Us

Transreport Ltd is a technology company focusing on improving the passenger experience across multiple transport modes and geographies. As an organisation with its roots in UK Rail, Transreport has developed ground-breaking technologies to improve the health and safety of transport employees and passengers alike, whilst ensuring that the customer experience is central to how transport operators deliver their services.

At Transreport, we develop innovative technology solutions that make travel accessible for all. We are a young and driven team, passionate about our mission to develop technology that positively impacts society by working towards a much more equal travel experience for all.

As a Senior Product Designer, you will work with product owners and cross-functional teams to deliver great customer experiences for business and passengers alike.

Join us on an exciting journey and become a member of our growing team.

Our culture

Key aspects of our culture here at Transreport:

  1. Open and transparent, we share knowledge & experience, and encourage everyone to contribute so we can all learn together.
  2. We actively encourage and support self-development.
  3. We are respectful to everyone’s opinions.
  4. We all work together, collaborating effectively across teams, departments and locations.
  5. We strive for best-practice in all we do: treating our clients fairly and communicating transparently across colleagues, associates and business partners

Transreport Values for Senior Talent

Innovation and Creativity:

We value individuals who are not afraid to think outside the box and propose novel solutions to improve the passenger experience. Senior talent should lead by example, fostering an environment where innovative ideas are encouraged and rewarded.

Collaboration and Teamwork:

Our success is built on the collective efforts of our team. Senior members must excel in working collaboratively across departments and borders, demonstrating strong leadership in team settings to achieve common goals.

Customer-Centric Mindset:

Putting the customer’s experience and needs at the forefront of our decision-making process is crucial. We look for senior talent who have a proven track record of understanding and meeting customer expectations, driving initiatives that enhance customer satisfaction.

Integrity and Transparency:

Ethical conduct, honesty, and openness are paramount in all our business dealings. Senior leaders are expected to uphold these principles, ensuring trust and integrity govern their actions and decisions.

Adaptability and Resilience:

The ability to adapt to changing market dynamics and overcome challenges is vital. We value senior talent who demonstrate resilience, have the flexibility to navigate uncertainties, and can lead their teams through transformation effectively.

Values Less Aligned with Our Needs

Individualism Over Team Success:

While individual achievements are recognised, prioritising personal success over team goals is not in line with our collaborative culture.

Resistance to Change:

In a fast-evolving tech landscape, being resistant to change and new technologies can hinder progress and innovation.

Short-term Thinking:

We encourage individuals to adopt a strategic mindset, considering the broader implications and consequences of their actions on our organisation’s future trajectory and goals.

Risk Aversion:

Being overly cautious and avoiding risks can limit growth and innovation. We seek leaders who are calculated risk-takers, driving progress while managing potential downsides.

Top-Down Management Style:

A hierarchical approach to leadership that limits open communication and employee empowerment does not fit our collaborative and inclusive work environment.

About the Role

We are seeking a Senior Product Designer with a minimum of seven years of experience across the double diamond process.

Key Responsibilities:

  1. Work alongside a product owner and other members of a cross-functional team, following lean and agile product design methodologies
  2. Develop a deep understanding of our users, their needs, behaviours, and desires, and integrate this insight into all designs
  3. Apply best practices and relevant design methodologies across all stages of the product lifecycle, from discovery through to build
  4. Present design solutions to senior management and customers
  5. Define experience metrics to measure project success in collaboration with product owners
  6. Prioritize and plan research and design activities to ensure timely delivery
  7. Work with the Head of Design and the VP of Product to shape our company experience vision
  8. Contribute to the creation, adoption, and maintenance of our Design System.


About You


  1. Minimum 7 year’s experience in product design (iOS, Android and web)
  2. Proven experience involving end-users throughout the product/service lifecycle
  3. Strong design, collaboration and communication skills, with evidence of leadership and initiative as a senior product designer
  4. Strong knowledge of accessibility standards/patterns, with a focus on designing for accessibility
  5. Comfortable with embracing our design system in everything you do, both using and contributing to its evolution
  6. Mastery of Figma and plug-ins to optimise design-developer handovers
  7. A portfolio that emphasises practical problem-solving, with evidence of shipped products and systems.

Preferred qualifications:

  1. Experience using Photoshop, Illustrator along with prototyping tools such as Protopie
  2. Experience with user research, information architecture, service design, motion design or data visualization
  3. Experience designing complex, enterprise-level products with a diverse user base
  4. Experience in a start-up environment


Employee Benefits/Perks of the Job:

  1. Private medical insurance for you and your children after the probationary period
  2. Tech & Cycle Scheme
  3. Free Flu Jab for you and your family members
  4. 10 days nonconsecutive sick leave with full payment per annum‚ÄØ
  5. Flexible working hours and fully remote working mode arrangement to promote work-life balance
  6. Discretionary Bonus (Dependent upon organisational and individual performance)
  7. Upscaling and training opportunities, assisting you to stay up to date and explore new skills
  8. A collaborative and inclusive work environment that values diversity and teamwork
  9. Unique policies that value diversity and inclusion, including volunteering policy so you can pursue external interests
  10. Opportunities for growth and advance your career within the company, or switch between technologies and projects
  11. A budget for learning resources, courses, and books to support your continuous learning and growth within the company after the probationary period

Guaranteed Interview Scheme

We are a disability confident employer and welcome applications from disabled candidates. We recognise that some candidates may require reasonable adjustments during the interview process and are committed to making these adjustments where needed.

Our goal is to create an inclusive and accessible workplace for all, and we value your unique perspective. We offer disabled applicants the option of requesting that their application is considered under the terms of our Guaranteed Interview Scheme (GIS). To be invited to interview or assessment under this scheme, you must show

  1. in your supporting statements that you meet the minimum criteria for the role.
  2. Simply email us the following declaration below to
  3. Email subject:
  4. DECLARATION - Your Name + Role Title
  5. Email Content:
  6. I consider myself to have a disability as defined above and I would like to apply under the Guaranteed Interview Scheme. 

If you do not wish to apply under the GIS, but do require us to make reasonable adjustments at the interview, then please let us know what those adjustments will be.

A request under the Guaranteed Interview Scheme does not guarantee you a job. At the interview, the best candidate will be offered the post.

*How to Apply:

  1. You MUST include your portfolio in your application, with at least three recent projects.
  2. Please describe the business and user challenges, the process followed, your responsibilities, what you delivered and the tools used in your portfolio.
  3. Please note that your application will NOT be considered if one of the above information is missing.

For any questions about the application process, please contact us at

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