Senior Data Scientist

at Aire in London

Its not just about taking data and finding patterns. Data scientists in our team engage in research and experiments to derive new algorithms. Look at other industries and find parallels that we can draw upon.

Ultimately, we are building an entirely new way to do credit scoring.. and we need to bring some radical new thinking. Curiosity and ideas are core to our product here at Aire.

We are very keen to talk about other algorithms and projects you might have done. Perhaps you can continue them at Aire. We want to be the leading organisation putting out breakthrough research in the field of predictive analytics.

Types of experiments at hand:
- Build advanced statistical models & machine learning methods for credit scoring
- Fraud detection of malicious intent
- Prediction of consumer intent from self-declared data
- Extracting financial credibility from digital footprint of users
- Ability to analyse variety of data sources across scales and dimension to assess trustworthiness of a person.
- Explore large datasets, identify key patterns & insights that can be modeled to improve scoring performance.
- Evaluate algorithms through controlled offline and online experiments
- Bayesian models, Regression/classfication models, Predictive models, Text mining, Semantic web, Time series models.

A little bit of fun.. but mostly we just want to learn about your personality, attitude and background.
We hope to learn something from you: expertise about a new statistical framework; insight into a trend; a novel approach to solving a problem—something we don’t know yet. What’s your potential? What can you bring that no one else can? What past experiments can you share with us?

Immediate feedback from your interviews. We don’t like to keep people waiting.
Please note, we cannot sponsor any visas.

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Published at 05 Nov 2014
Expires on 05 May 2015

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