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Business Development Contractor
at Class Club

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  • parttime
  • ₤400 - ₤2000 per month
Hi there,

We are currently in the stage of validating our idea in London. Essentially we are looking to give people membership access to fitness classes in boutique studios all over London. We see this as a way to revolutionise the fitness industry by providing an alternative to the monotonous and repetitive gym routine. With fitness classes you get variety and intimacy which contributes toward your motivation. We are going to disrupt the fitness industry for the good and already have VC eagerly waiting for us to validate the product so they can jump in with seed funding.

At the moment we have a few studios on board but as developers, we are busy validating the consumer side of the product (Whether people will purchase the membership). What we need now is a Business Development Contractor or Partner on a one month part-time contract. This opportunity could turn into an opportunity to become a co-founder dependent on the applicants capability and how much they achieve in that month. This can also be done alongside your other job.

The average you will work per week on this project will be 10 hours. The base pay will be £400 which means the opportunity is £10/hour. As commission you will get £20 per studio you onboard to our program (this means getting them to sign a letter of intent). Considering there are about 60 studios in our database this could be £1200 extra. This is completely achievable as we have experienced a 100% conversion rate so far with our sales collateral.

At the moment we have sales collateral including a calculator to help studios understand how much more they could be making by using us and filling the extra capacity in their classes so you have great weapons at your disposal.

- Be a flipping great sales person
- Have at least 1 years experience in sales or consultancy (If you don't, still give applying a shot)

Thanks guys!

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