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at hiperpool in London

This is not a typical job post… We are casting a large net looking for the one.

We are a very early stage startup looking for a technical co-founder… We started out thinking (against what turned out to be great advice) that we could hire a cheap consultant from (insert -STAN country) to build our product for £50…

Boy were we wrong, in fact we could not have been more wrong. As it turns out, if you want to be a software company, you need someone who understands software as a founding partner… go figure… (tongue placed firmly in cheek)

So here we are… looking to get married to someone great.

A bit about us, we started out as two management consultants (I know, we hate us too) working for a large management consultancy company servicing huge clients in Dubai. Being in this position we quickly realised that many of our clients had very similar problems. One thing lead to another and here we are. Despite the tone of this post we are quite serious about the success of this project, yet know the value of a sense of humour; which in many cases is the driving force behind learning.

As for the project, we recently pitched at Techcrunch Disrupt and garnered quite a bit more interest that we were expecting. We have interest for a first round of funding, but are holding off on pulling the trigger until the team is complete (read you)

We have a very basic MVP written in Rails, that we are launching to the world in a month or so. Our -STAN country consultants have been replaced by a very kind and intelligent friend-of-a-friend CTO who has his own company and is helping us out in the short term in what he dubs a ‘rescue project’ (apparently the equivalent of finding a wounded stray dog on the street and nursing it back to health).

We are quite grateful for his kindness, and are now looking to do this thing the right way. So if you are that person, please contact us and we can chat at length.

Looking forward to hearing from folks

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Published at 27 Jan 2015
Expires on 27 Jul 2015

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