Creative Co-Founder/Sales & Marketing Manager Focused - Film Related Skills DESIREABLE

at AND CUT! Media || The AND! in London

ABOUT AND CUT! Media || The AND!
AND CUT! Media Is a an online media platform that addresses popular/uncomfortable social issues through producing, developing and creating inspiring and thought-provoking content through apps, shows, movies and visual campaigns.

The AND! is the pedals behind AND CUT! Media.
Which houses an agency that is home to a coterie of writers, visionaries, visual specialists, revolutionists and creatives united by creating exhibiting and touring film-based artistry with the goal to inspire this generation's pioneers to spring forth!

The AND! is also the engine behind the business annex of AND CUT! Media and our staff will be outsourced to fulfil the task of 'turning moments in movies'!

Riia-montana. She'd like to think her name alone does a good job framing the fact that she was born creative! She also likes to speak in 3rd person from time-to-time.

5 Quick Things You Need to Know About Me :
- I refuse to understand the concept of losing
- I believe anything worth complaining about is worth fixing
- I'm thee single most hard-working person I know and I hate this!
- Things I live + Breathe: AND CUT! Media, Enterprise, Music, Meeting New People, Creative Conceptualisation, Expressive Writing, Film, Fashion, Innovation + Inspring Avant-Gardism
- My Mantra: Learn Love Laugh

I dropped out of college to begin my own real-life movie which I like to to call "The Pursuit of Being Me=Free". In that pursuit, I began this company, centred around a passion of mine, being film and expressive visuals, keeping our content gravitated towards inspiring and provoking people to think outside invisible. social boundaries.

An all-round creative enthusiast. Ideally a film/media/socail revolutionist. Someone who is resourceful, not afraid to take risks, and solution-ready. An individial with HIGH INTEGRITY, HIGH INTELLIGENCE and HIGH ENERGY! Someone loyal, proactive and down-to-earth!

- Building strong relationships with partners and clients
- Manage inbound customer acquisition
- Producing/Contributing marketable content
- Contributing brand + content marketing Strategies
- Communicate + Networking with journalists and other industry leaders

(Please Note:These responsibilities are not as rigid as they may sound, you will have full creative liberty to contribute to other core functions of the company.)

FREE Personal Development Programme
Great Memories
Amazing Experiences
Work with awesome people
Being Part of the Beginning of Something REVOLUTIONARY!

Behind every great company are great people. Hence you are extremely important to the growth and success of AND CUT! Media.

Look forward to hearing from you!

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Published at 03 Feb 2015
Expires on 03 Aug 2015

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