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Growth hacker Co-founder Needed

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*Become a co-founder*

I've recently launched The concept is based off which went viral and eventually sold for $85,000 just 2 weeks after launch.

I've built the site, taken product photos, I have a supplier in place. I have voucher codes set up, mailing lists set up, referral scheme in place. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages are set up.

I launched the site today (Good Friday - 3rd April).

*Where do you come in?*

I need a growth hacker, a social media guru, a PR person. Somebody that will get the site exposure. If this site is going to be a success it needs to gain traction.

If you made this site a success it would be a nice little earner and perhaps more importantly, it would look great on your CV!


I'm thinking we set out targets for ownership. Something like:

10 sales in a month achieved = 10% ownership and profit share
50 sales in a month achieved = 20% ownership and profit share
100 sales in a month achieved = 30% ownership and profit share
200 sales in a month achieved = 40% ownership and profit share

This is just an idea. It's all up for discussion.

Please get in touch to discuss if you're interested.

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