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Kick-ass Android Java coder
at Psykosoft

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You like corporate job? You value safety and comfort above everything else?
Well hit that close button right now and don't read the following.

We are looking for a kickass enthusiastic Android developer to port our upcoming iOS app that bridges sketching and messaging:

Messenging apps are incredibly popular right now. They help connect people and feed a fundamental need to communicate. As the medium matures and we are moving from text to new forms of expressions; like smileys, photos, and gifs to spice things up; Psykosoft thinks drawing is a gap in that space.

The app is soon to come on iPhone and already our users have been begging us to go to Android. So that would be your job!

We want someone who can hustle his way and want to get stuff done rapidly.
It's built with parse as a backend, and things are already set on that side which would allow us to move rapidly.

This is what you need:
- Been coding Android java for at least 2 years
- Creative problem solver. Hacker.

This is what would be nice to have
- Knowledge of Parse
- Knowledge of objective C
- Experience using the drawing API
- Previous experience with flash
- Brew your own beer

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