Backend developer co-founder to build a language tool

at Engle in Seoul

I am an Oxford-trained linguist and an English teacher building a software named Engle, which is a Google-based tool that helps non-native English speakers write correct English.

If you are wondering whether your English expression is correct or not, what do you do first of all? You Google it. The results (frequencies and examples) can often tell you if it is correct or if there is a better expression. However, Google is quite inconvenient for this purpose. There is a lot of rubbish in the result, which clutters or buries the helpful texts. If you are comparing phrases you have to enter each phrase one by one and look across the separate result pages. You don’t always make the best use of Google’s functions.

This is the problem Engle addresses. Engle optimizes Google for English reference and learning, by bringing convenience to the query input process, processing and displaying the search results in strategic ways, and making the best use of Google’s functions with systematic search options and user tutorials. I have spent many years studying the users, testing a prototype, collecting data, and developing the product design. The prototype had enthusiastic user responses, and new Engle will return with far greater power. In this exciting venture I have a great frontend developer as a co-founder and am looking for a backend developer co-founder.

In 2015 I did a serious user survey and found the following:
• On average the survey participants spend 21.4% of their English writing time and 93.2 hours a year on checking and correcting their expressions.
• Among all available reference tools including dictionaries and automatic grammar checkers, the one they use most frequently and find most helpful is Google search.
• But only 24% of them find Google “convenient” and are “completely satisfied with it” as a reference tool.
• Only 65% of the Google query cases reported in the survey found a correct answer.

This shows a clear need for a tool to reduce the English check time and raise the success rate. Optimizing Google will create the most powerful English reference tool available.

The required skills include:
• Multi threading: opening hundreds of links and processing hundreds of Web documents in a short time (hopefully within 10 seconds)
• Web scraping
• Natural language processing: parsing and parse tree navigation
• Google access
• Coding language: no absolute preference, but Python preferred

Frontend developer: Ognjen Bubalo (
Ogi is an excellent frontend specialist based in London. He participated in Google Summer of Code and developed the highly acclaimed Jenkins plugin. He was also selected to join Entrepreneur First ( As a Hungarian native speaker he confirmed the value of Engle for his own English writing and decided to join me as a co-founder.

Documents available

This document describes my activities and performance reviews in four areas of interest. Especially it presents user responses to the Engle prototype.

Engle pitch
This document presents results of my user survey and Engle’s new design. I will send it to you after reviewing your application. If you are a non-native English speaker please see for yourself whether this design will be helpful for your own English writing.

Engle blueprint
This is a detailed coding instruction with various algorithms written in English and may be released upon the signing of an NDA.

If this vision of mine intrigues you, and you have the right skill set, let’s talk. In your application please include your CV and an explanation of how you meet the skills requirement above.

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Published at 24 Dec 2016
Expires on 24 Feb 2017