Head of Digital Marketing

at Eco Companion in London

Title: Head of marketing
Location: London
Salary: TBC

Mission for Role

To head up all aspects of marketing for Eco Companion, focusing in particular on specific KPIs that matter to the business – most importantly increasing sales made through our new booking engine!

We’re now looking for a new marketing manager to come in to take charge of all aspects of our marketing efforts! We have already made great progress, in particular with social media where we now have a following of over 75,000. We also have a good starting point of a mailing list to be built on. You will have free reign to work alongside me (Max the founder) in particular to work on driving more people down the funnel towards ultimately making a booking through the Eco Companion website.

We have a particular challenge right now where we have a relatively strong flow of users arriving and sending enquiries, but we are struggling to solve the problem of conversion to booking. So this is a great first challenge to confront.

We use a huge variety of cutting-edge marketing techniques (down the ‘growth hacking’ line) and if anything still have the largest space for improvement within the more traditional routes like natural SEO and PPC.

While we have taken investment, the overall marketing budget you will be starting out with will be small. So the first few months will be learning how to make the most of the resources you’re given and deliver results without a huge budget. As time goes on and sales are made this budget will of course grow.

We represent high risk as you will be working for a startup that’s only just gone professional. So don’t expect big pay cheques straight away (and if you’re just in it for the cash then this isn’t the role for you). However, what you will find whilst working for Eco Companion is a much faster rate of growth for you as a person than you could ever hope to achieve within a larger corporate enterprise. Marketing is our core competency, and is the most fundamental value we deliver. So this position really is one of the most important of the business, and as Marketing Manager you’ll be integral to Eco Companion.

Eco Companion has a big goal: to become a global leader in travel and change the world for the better along the way through our world rating system that drives standards of sustainability upward globally in the nature tourism industry! If this gets you pumped and excited then this could be the family for you!

Read more about us here: https://www.ecocompanion.com/about_us
Read more about our world rating system here: https://www.ecocompanion.com/world_rating_system
Or watch a video if you’re lazy here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pAitEXOzWA0


  • Build our business based around our KPIs. In particular driving overall bookings through the site. We’re currently still burning cash each month so are in the process of trying to cut away at that through delivering more and more sales (selling holidays).
  • Manage our content marketing strategy using our content calendar.
  • Manage all of our social networks including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Snapchat.
  • Manage our ever-growing email mailing list.
  • Conduct regular user research to develop the website, our product, to become more and more effective.

Role-based Competencies

  • Scientific mind. Constantly look to be creating tests and analysing results to deliver sustainable continuous improvement.
  • Salesman in copy. Be able to write to directly appeal to a specific audience, in order to generate sales for each ad you create or interaction you have with our audience.
  • Organisation. Be able to manage your own time effectively, managing a complex content strategy.
  • Creativity. Be unique! Come up with interesting alternative ways to solve problems and write pattern interupting copy so we’re a step above the rest!
  • People-person. Be able to deal with, and relate to other people, and understand what people want.
  • Resourcefulness. You won’t have a big budget, so you’ll need to be resourceful and deliver results without lots of cash at your disposal!

Culture-based Competencies

  • Ambition. Aspiring to achieve something great from your life rather than settling and stagnating. You don’t join a startup to make gradual incremental increases in salary. You do it to change the fucking world and make something of yourself along the way!
  • Hard work ethic. Always trying to push yourself beyond your comfort zone, working sometimes long hours to get the job done.
  • Curiousity. Eager to learn and develop yourself and your skill sets constantly. In particular through consuming content as a daily habit through reading, audio books, blogs etc.
  • Positivity. Maintain a positive mind-set, and a ‘can-do’ attitude.
    Innovative. Always introducing new ideas, original and creative in your thinking.
  • Long-term visionary. Think of the long term mission and goals of the business and how each decision ties into them.
  • Selfless. Always willing to sacrifice personal gains for the best interest of the team.

Essential hard skills and experience required

  • At least two years experience in a marketing based role already.
  • At least some basic knowledge of the travel industry. (Don’t tell me you travel a lot! ;) ).
  • Experience with Google Analytics.
  • Experience with Adwords.
  • Experience with social media marketing.
  • Experience with managing a content marketing strategy.
  • University degree.
  • High standard of written English.
  • Experience of using Google docs and Microsoft Office. In particular you need to be proficient with Excel.

Bonus points

  • Experience in the travel industry.
  • Experience in e-commerce.
  • Experience in particular with growth hacking.
  • Worked in startups.
  • Used Slack / Trello.
  • A level of understanding/knowledge about ecotourism, or other sector specific knowledge.
  • Personal experience of nature tourism, conservation projects, etc (beyond that you went travelling that one time).

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Published at 08 Feb 2017
Expires on 27 Mar 2017