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Co-Founder for niche Fintech Startup
at Cloud Accounting

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  • London
  • parttime
Seeking a technical co-founder for a really exciting and disruptive concept in Fintech.

Hi, I’m Richard,
I’m a Chartered Accountant (but don’t let that put you off :-) with 20 years of experience in accounting, tax, financial analysis, with strong commercial knowledge, good connections. I’m also an ideas guy.
So this idea I have was recently conceived with the advent of PSD 2 and banks opening their API’s - there is a real opportunity to disrupt the accountancy profession which is seen as staid and backward looking. I have already researched the idea significantly and then used Lean Start up methodology to test key assumptions with my small business clients, with positive feedback.

My ideal Co founder would have the following skills - (obviously we don’t live in an ideal world )
- Building Rules Engine
- Machine Learning
- Natural Language Understanding
- Chatbots (including augmented training)
- JavaScript
- Python
- API’s (including Apigee)
- Sentiment analysis
- Fintech background
Seeking someone who is happy to discuss my ideas to build something individuals and small businesses want, yet push back from a technical perspective.

Suggested Timeline
MVP - Starling Bank have just announced a hackathon and my thoughts would be to attend this together at Google Campus, London on Friday 7th – Sun 9th April to build an MVP.
Also, given the uniqueness, the exciting Roadmap and the interesting product positioning, I think we would have a good chance to progress on the £5m OpenUp (Banking) Challenge and if successful build a team out under that process.

If that isn’t successful, I’d be looking to launch a crowdfund shortly thereafter (mainly for network effect exposure and because the concept lends itself to a rewards based CF campaign – I’ve got a feeling it will capture people’s interest from a media/PR perspective.

I’m a big believer in Transparency, (think Monzo), Peer 2 Peer & the #Me2B economy.

Next Steps
Please complete the questions (see over) – then I’ll be happy to discuss the idea and the exciting RoadMap in more detail with shortlisted candidates.
Can you please complete the following questions so I can shortlist and then we can have a verbal chat – yes – on an actual phone!

What is your name?
What’s your telephone number? (I’ll want to have a chat)
Which town or city do you live?

Describe your machine learning experience to date
Have you worked on Natural Language Understanding projects before?
Are you up to speed on chatbot developments?
Have you worked in the finance industry?

Would you have 10 – 15 hours a week spare to focus on proving the concept for sweat equity. Phase 1 would last 3 months.

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