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Co-Founder for Healthcare startup
at Healthy Labs

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  • London
  • fulltime
Hey, if you love building things, care about preventive healthcare, enjoy experimenting and exploring, and want to start your own company - read on.

Better preventive products could have a significant impact in everyone's health! Did you know that 5 healthy habits could reduce someone's mortality risk by 66%? But there aren't good solutions that help people to effectively develop the ones that scientists say could make them live a lot longer. That's the first problem we'll be tackling.

I've already developed and tested an app with a small group of users and 20-25% have changed habits and keep using it daily. The concept is: A real-life game to help you live longer. The plan is now to validate it with a larger group and then start looking for funding in order to improve the product and help more people.

I have a medical background and some software development skills. And I'm looking for someone with complementary skills, namely in software development and machine learning, to join as Co-Founder. If you like challenges and adventure, get in touch!

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