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Capital Markets Associate / Financial Journalist
at 9fin

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  • London
  • fulltime
  • ₤25 - ₤45 per year

In the stock market, trading is done electronically by robots, news is instant, data is abundant. In the world of high yield bonds, trading is done by humans over the phone, news takes 20 minutes to hit the market and data sucks.

Using machine learning and computer vision we're building a 'technology first' data, news and analytics platform for high yield bonds. The debt capital markets behave like it's still the 1980s. 9fin aims to fix that.

p.s. We're in beta testing, backed by VCs + hiring to grow our team...


1. Technology doesn’t serve the business.Technology is the business.

Technology and business are not independent; they are one and the same. We’ve met CEOs who don’t know what language their code is written in and CTOs who don’t know who the customers are. That’s not OK.

2. Talent trumps experience.

We judge people by the quality of their ideas, not the duration of their employment. We’d rather work with people who have spent 12 months being awesome than those who have spent 3 years being average.

3. Don’t know? Say so.

Ignorance is only a weakness when you don’t admit it. We’ve seen lots of people waste hours of productivity because they were too afraid to ask for help.

4. Ship early and often.

It’s impossible to design a truly awesome product without customer feedback.

5. Never settle.

The product might have shipped, but it’s never perfect. If we can’t find ways to improve we just aren’t looking hard enough.

6. Diversity.

We don’t discriminate. As well as being an end in itself, varied backgrounds and cultures bring new perspectives and stop group think.

7. Have an opinion.

No decision is off limits to being challenged. Disagreement is healthy, it shows you care.

8. Beautiful simplicity.

If it’s not easy to use, then it’s broken. Consumer applications relentlessly focus on the user with beautiful interfaces and snazzy graphics. There’s no reason why B2B can’t be just as good.

9. Make time for others.

Everyone is busy. But taking 5-10 minutes out of your day to grab a coffee with a colleague who needs advice or help is not too much to ask.

10. Overcommunicate.

Don’t leave people in the dark. It’s better to receive a 10 second note saying “Super busy, but I’ll get to it.” than radio silence.

11. Family & health come first.

No customer or job matters more than family and your health.


Market intelligence: Work with the CEO to uncover new transactions in the European debt capital markets. You will be our eyes and ears and the face of 9fin to the financial markets. Includes liaising with bank syndicate desks, origination bankers, lawyers, investors and company management

Relationship management & product evangelism: Working with customers to answer questions on the use of our platform and to gather feedback on new and existing product features

Deal tracking & audit: Working quickly to validate and sense check financial information extracted by our software


You are up for the challenge of a demanding role that will morph and transform

You are familiar with debt capital markets, capital structures and the intricacies of high yield bonds + leveraged loans

A strong grounding in the analysis of financial statements (banking, accounting, audit professional experience or comparable degree)

Ideally strong relationships with a range of our prospective customers including top tier investment banks, syndicate desks, private equity and law firms

Excessive attention to detail

Ability to commence work early in the day (market hours 8am 6pm weekdays)

A case study will form part of the application process for this role

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